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My bad. I meant Mountain Pass - but Molycorp has fallen on bad times, so I have no other suggestion to the problem of supply - but I know we have plenty of lithium to mine in the USA if countries want to shaft us.
Time to re-open the mines at Mountain Center, CA.
Science will find a way for FCVs. Large-scale Hydrogen production is very near(w/o having to reform NG), and in California, they are committed to the Hydrogen Highway. The fueling infrastructure is growing. Cheaper catalysts are being found. I know many here are religiously committed to BEVs, but the reality is that the cars are heavy, the range is limited, except for the high-priced models, and the batteries degrade too rapidly. It may take time, but the upside for the FCV is higher than that of BEVs. BEVs will eventually be surpassed. You also won't have to worry about finding huge quantities of rare earths.
At this stage of the game, I think these results and conclusions are rather premature.
Will it dampen external noise like their Soundscreen glass?
The original Clarity was better looking. This is an ugly dog.
For the near future it doesn't sound promising, certainly for automobile application, but it is pregnant with possibility for other uses. Is edfellite more available than the article indicates?
I bought a 2015 Corolla with a CVT, and have learned to hate it. You get no instant torque when you need it most. You step on the gas, the engine races like crazy, and the transmission takes it's own sweet time transmitting the power to the wheels. I won't buy another, unless they come up with a fix.
If they drive like the average guy drives, they won't get anywhere near that mileage. They use professional drivers schooled to get every possible mile squeezed out of a gallon. These averages mean nothing.
Everybody has CVTs now, so, out of the non-choices, I bought a 2015 Corolla with CVT. Not having shift-points is maddening. When you want to goose it to get power from a stop, or for passing, you just get a racing engine and no power. It's almost as if you threw it into neutral. I hate it.
The Mirai rivals the beauty of the Pontiac Aztek.
Yep, it's not scaled up, but that's not the point. If it can be scaled up, and can be powered from green, what's not to like? We're not there, maybe, but we're getting there. The downside of BEVs seems to be that the batteries degrade more quickly than advertised, and the codt of replacement & labor is huge. It makes H2 cars look more attractive. You can get a 3 year old Leaf for $7,000. Go for it.
Do we get a fee for turning in an old battery? Replacement cost are so expensive that we ought to get something back just like we do with empty soda pop containers. Otherwise, what's to stop drivers from dumping their used batteries into the beautiful environment behind a boulder somewhere?
Too bad - they were both way overpriced. It makes one wonder how the Taliban are able to jaunt around in natural gas pick-ups, if it's so darn much to produce one, or convert one to NG.
I went to the Toyota dealership in Irvine. My wife expressed interest in a plug-in Prius. We looked at the sticker price, got sticker shock, and ended up buying a Corolla.
These little guys never make it. Even Musk, with all of his money, has to tap the taxpayer for billions. Good luck, anyway.
They'll get 'em nearly free, sell them, and make a profit. Maybe I can get one when they dump them, which they will, for the chance to get an old pick-up.
Goals are great, aren't they, JMartin?
Looks like Toyota is throwing Mazda a life-line. Maybe Toyota can fix the rotary. It would make a great range-extender if it were non-polluting and they had an answer for bad seals. A lot of torque in a smaller package.
@ DaveD 125 miles range fine if you live on an island. In the American West, you need more.
How many of us have cruise control and have to disengage it every so often? Yep.
I mean Stanford/Quantumscape. Did they license the process, or sell it, plus many other things unmentioned.
I'm more interested in the details of VW/Stanford, and Stanford's research up to the point of sale. If it's breakthrough technology, isn't it in the interest of the government of the United States to keep it here?
Could you imagine all these zillions of microbes getting away from all these labs? It would make a great movie.
Cool. Is there any BEST additive? Are they all incompatible with catalytic converters?