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DFA's - by their very nature - are a mechanism of cronyism and possible corruption most high. . At the barest of minimums they can Never - EVER - be handed out to a former DOJ party for the sake of no appearance of impropriety. . No Bid assignments by DOJ personnel of multi million dollar contracts - smacks of potential bribery and needs a Full Blown Official Investigation - (vis-a-vis)a Publicly/Congressional oversight. . We still have a situation - akin to Madoff, where the SEC was Ordered to BACK OFF - a party was given UNlawful immunity (in 2005) after confessing to false affidavits whilst deliberately deceiving the court (as an officer of the court) only to have his other two partners (Dreier & Petters) commit $700 million and $3 Billion in Fraud. Where it was also discovered that a local USA was a partner with one of the law firms - the very year the Fraud on the Court via Perjury transpired. . Then the Public Corruption Unit was shut down and career AUSA's were THREATENED. . Crimes are still being committed by the party that received the illegitimate immunity and the fact that $300 million in fraud has already transpired - with all the other compounding issues - goes WAY beyond "shocking the conscience". . A Congressional Supervision of the DOJ's return to the Rule of Law is mandated - for Integrity's sake! .