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Laslo Bigsby
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The prosecution better bring it's "A" game to the table and be able to convict this deadbeat "beyond a reasonable doubt" because as we've seen with that pig getting acquitted today, Chicago is loaded with corrupt judges as well as corrupt cops and politicians. A few months back I would have said a conviction was a foregone conclusion with Bag-0-donuts but within the last month or so there have been some really screwed up verdicts and I am beginning to wonder if he will be found guilty.
Can someone please tell me when the city of Chicago will finally say enough is enough when it comes to Mike North ? He has more lives than Morris, the cat. Doesn't he get the picture; We don't want to listen to his empty headed rhetoric anymore. My God, do they have to move him to an even earlier time slot for him to get the picture.
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Feb 1, 2010