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Which leads me to point out that Bonnie Tyler herself is in trouble for singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on an international flight recently, causing traumatized passengers (but not the Norwegians) to sue the airlines. I heard this story on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me", but here's USA Today Online's version of it. *** Fliers sue Air France following rock star's performance In another story you may have missed over the Labor Day weekend, UPI reports that passengers on a France-to-Mauritius flight have filed a suit against Air France. Their complaint came after musician Bonnie Tyler sang her 80s hit Total Eclipse of the Heart at the request of the co-pilot. "I was asleep in First Class,” Tyler said. “The stewardess came and said the co-pilot was retiring (after the flight). And they asked me would I sing to him. They were having a bit of a party," she added. UPI writes that the upset passengers apparently claimed they “were traumatized by the experience and had feared for their safety during the celebration.” An unnamed Air France official responded: "The claim against Air France, which it completely rejects, is that the celebrations got more and more unruly and came to a climax when Bonnie sang. Air France is saying that any suggestion there was anything more than a few slaps on the back for the co-pilot is nonsense, and it completely rejects the claims that the passengers were at any sort of risk." Another oddity to the story is that UPI said the complaining passengers were “believed to be Belgian,” though it’s not clear how that was known -– or why it was relevant.
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I've gotten the same question standing in front of the MGM Grand. Woman: "Excuse me... where's the Strip?" Me: "Uh, you mean, 'where can you find some strippers?'" Woman: "No, I mean the Las Vegas Strip." Me: "Um, you're standing on it." Woman: "But the street sign says 'Las Vegas Boulevard'". Man with woman: "I told you so!" Woman: "Oh. So this is all there is, then?" Me: "Yeah, only 8 miles of casinos... but come back next year and there'll be more."
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Well, I don't know about those flavors, but I did hear that B&J will be offering a line of Las Vegas-themed icecreams (since it's hot here 9 months a year). Siegcheese and Roy - the magical combination of *cheez-its* and Frosted Flakes in otherwise completely vanilla icecream. (Frosted Flakes = Tony the Tiger?) Pillagio - Italian gelato with both chucks of Viagra and the 'morning after' pill Hoover Damnation - Break through the Billy Graham cracker crust 'dam', and enjoy the sweet salvation of marshmallow icecream and 'Colorado River of fudge'. Craps! - Lose it all in this non-fat, sugarfree, tasteless sorbet with chucks of carob-covered peanuts. That will teach you drain your bank account trying to win "the big one".