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Harvey needs to learn to read for comprehension: "Tesla said that the major factor affecting Q2 deliveries was a severe production shortfall of 100 kWh battery packs, which are made using new technologies on new production lines. Until early June, production averaged about 40% below demand. Once this was resolved, June orders and deliveries were strong, ranking as one of the best in its history, Tesla said." The key word, Harvery, is "resolved". Now be a good boy and stay quiet to be thought a fool rather than removing all doubt.
Something calling itself "Engineer Poet" makes claims. Meanwhile the world moves forward.
Hello Change, The war is between evidentiary reality and Republicans with Trump leading the charge against science. The clock is rapidly advancing toward midnight because of AGW denial on the right. We all need to make monetary decisions to ditch oil use starting now. My wife and I have been doing so since the 1980s.
That's nice. Now can you talk about green technology that matters when addressing climate change please?
This could have been titled drivers save 80% out of 100% of energy savings. So more efficient cars do work and we just need to keep moving down that path.
And here I thought that ten TRILLION dollars was a "massive" price in itself. Silly me.
Hello ai vin, What is their interest? To sell fossil fuels.
"The report was funded by the Canadian Fuels Association and is publicly available from The Conference Board of Canada’s e-Library." I will take this study with a huge grain of salt. Mark Schaffer
Contrary to this uninformed anonymous posters comment the models have been very good. It is only if you are a fan of conservative propaganda sources that you could make such assertions.
Controlling costs just sucks money out of the overall economy unless you think government goes into a black hole and is never spent in local businesses.
NO vehicle that is driven on public roads should go faster than 90 MPH. There will be deaths in this vehicle because people will drive too fast.
kit P, Prove you do "calculations" (whatever THOSE are) for "nuke" plants. Your prior posts are barely literate and hardly what a professional would write. I think you are lying and not to be taken seriously. Prove me wrong. Mark Schaffer B.S. Environmental Studies, Summa Cum laude
Kit P, Why would you trust the calculations of a commercial for profit website? What externality costs have they left out of their simple payback calculations?
Brookings is a propaganda arm of the Republican party. Designed to give the impression of academic integrity without having it. Shame on ANY university for whoring themselves out to lend credibility to Brookings. More here:
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Jul 14, 2012