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Your words that " it’s a lovely irony that those influenced by the liberal tradition are failing to do what Rorty encouraged us to do and are not transcending the limits of their acculturation." remind me today of John McWhorter's encapsulation of the message of DiAngelo's 'White Fragility' as that if you're white, no matter how much you try to change yourself, inevitably "you will die a racist just as you will die a sinner".It's all a bit grimly Escher isn't it? Personally, I think (tentatively, of course) it's all nonsense.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2020 on On cancel culture at Stumbling and Mumbling
Slightly off the point - but related: For the ordinary joe in the street like myself, truth is almost always concrete. I offer as case study an elderly alcoholic relative of mine. Her plight has highlighted for me the limitations of statist social-democratic interventions. The latter can only operate via systems of rules, regulations and budgets. Devising such systems - ones that are adequate to addressing millions of different, complicated and highly idiosyncratic individual cases, is almost impossible. For my aunt the looser dissociative and non-hierarchical structures of traditional social support - neighbours, friends etc - have proved much more flexible, humane and helpful. In the absence of any groupthink or possibility of career advancement, but motivated only by that gloriously gratuitous traditional attribute 'conscience', people have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect from harm an unattractive, smelly and bad-tempered old lady. Of course, even these paragons cannot completely triumph, and you will no doubt be able to adduce many an example of lonely isolated individuals to counter my aunt's case. Nevertheless,experiences like these do come the way of many millions of UK citizens all the time and, as long as they do, huge numbers will continue to view State interventions as decidedly second-best to other more organic and private possibilities. Basically, I'm with Burke.
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Sep 11, 2013