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What a beautiful, graceful and wistful post; everything that a summation should be and more. I wish you all the very best that life has to offer and congratulations on the wonderful journey that AB has made. Zach
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I think everyone has their own path but (and I could be completely wrong on this) but grief (like any other emotion) has to be worked through and reconciled to the inner psyche. I do agree with Ruchira that our lives are not meant to be constantly happy otherwise they would lose meaning. Also I do not think that emotional states are necessarily the point of our life. Incidentally I just mentioned to a friend about the constant quest of the "self-actualised" individuals of our generation who are still trying to find themselves in their 20s and even through to their 30s.
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thanks for sharing; I really liked the emphasis on the "people" of Delhi without the moralising message rather just a reflection on their common humanity.
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really wonderful pictures Ruchira!
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Their stock is fearmongering and their trading it.
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Norman your story surprises just how commercial the world's got (and I'm a proud liberal capitalist!).
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2011 on Taking Back Yoga in Texas at Accidental Blogger
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Apparently yoga is huge in Pakistan (among certain classes of course). Well that's what I hear; but there is curiosity about all things Indian & Hindu, I know astrology is big there. I don't know about the rest of the Muslim world but I'm sure it must be big; in Dubai for instance Bollywood is as popular as Hollywood among the locals (Arabs) so Indian culture has huge cachet. I remember in Morocco they would scream out Shah Rukh Khan at our group because we were desis and they loved Bollywood. Anyway back to Yoga; I agree the whole "taking back" think is slightly ridiculous but just as we appreciate Sushi as being Japanese thought with local variations, adaptations and fusion so we should treat Yoga as Indian Hindu but then allow it to adapt and transform in whatever its natural evolution is meant to be. I do like the idea of *patenting* heritage as they do in Europe where certain products have their regional label; who knows soon certain types of paneers will then have their regional mark.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2011 on Taking Back Yoga in Texas at Accidental Blogger
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I think its good to know the underlying spiritual principles of Yoga. I can personally attest when I did Yoga I was much more calmer, relaxed and far more energetic. I'm a big fan and need to take it up again.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Taking Back Yoga in Texas at Accidental Blogger
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Libertarianism is the ideal to aim towards; the decentralisation of power is always a good thing.
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Good article will carry it on Brown Pundits.
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