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Hi Mr. Ferriter, I am an education student in a micro computing systems class called EDM 310 that has assigned me to your blog page. I enjoyed reading your last post about “What If Schools Created a Culture of Do INSTEAD of a Culture of Know.” As being a student who just barely finished high school a few years ago, I was one of those students who only felt locked up behind a wall and who only memorized what was needed. Most of the information that may have stuck in my head is of little importance to me now in the real world. I have realized that the only useful information learned is from what you actually experience or go through in your life. The school systems in America do not have a good way of teaching and it is very evident when you reach a higher form of education and cannot teach yourself simple concepts. So in conclusion I agree on the whole idea of “Do” and I hope our school systems can find a way to teach differently or our country will continue to struggle in the education department. As I am striving to become a teacher I don’t want my students to have to simply just know the material but to actually be able to use that material and retain it for more than just a test. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 31, 2012