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Chris La Tray
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Ah, to discover Gretel Ehrlich for the first time -- I'm almost jealous of you. I recently culled a BUNCH of books, but she is one of the writers whose work remains. I love her. This line: "Prior to reading Erlich’s book my mind had been unmercifully focused on not wasting the life I have left. Looking ahead at the years left before me with a little dread, I realized I was still playing it safe. I was straddling the fence so to speak, sitting here while wishing I was out there." Hits me right in the gut, because it is very much the feeling I have been wrestling with for several years now. Quitting a job I hate, striking out doing work I care about instead, etc. to allow more time for the things I love to do. Best of luck to you on finding your way around playing it safe as well!
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Mar 30, 2015