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@David Ehrenstein: I've been quietly reading your comments here for quite some time and a number of times you've lead me to think "Wow, what an arrogant dickhead." But this one takes the cake. Just wishing a Happy Holidays to you and I wanted you to know that I will be not only boycotting your reviews going forward, but boycotting the publications foolish enough to employ your boorish opinions. Happy New Year!
At one point I thought I would introduce my folks to films I knew they had heard about but wouldn't likely see on their own. We were doing fairly well with this, and I was sticking to mainly critically-acclaimed mainstream new releases. One weekend I brought over Pulp Fiction, thinking my Mother would enjoy the clever dialogue and it would be funny enough to maintain their interest. Mentally I locked on to the overdose scene, thinking if we got over that hurdle we'd be all good. Somehow I managed to forget about the Gimp, Zed, and Maynard, the ill-fated Marvin, or the long monologue from Tarantino himself about the nature of his home and what might be stored there. Even Christopher Walken's monologue pales in comparison. The last 45 minutes or so of that movie was painful to sit through, and I don't think they laughed or made a peep once the story entered the pawn shop. As the film ended, they both had a sour look on their faces, and not much was said of it that weekend. Thus ended me bringing home movies ever again.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on Almost too easy at Some Came Running
It's hard to for me to take anything Mr Faraci says in his own defense re: this post when Mr Faraci is the same guy who, while working for, relentlessly slagged Twilight fans for attending Comicon (THE GALL THEY HAVE!) and Whedon's Browncoats for even existing. Then he had the balls, while still writing for, to pen a lengthy explanation of his hatred of fanboys while also defining fanboys as a group he was not a part of. Did I mention he wrote all this while working for It's easy to hate on Twilight fans and Lord knows Whedon's Browncoats can get obnoxious, but mocking either group from the perch of speaks not just of hypocrisy but a distinct mental and emotional disconnection from one's own employer. Mr Faraci loves to sling arrows and likes to play the internet tough guy while doing it. If his life has been threatened, and his home address disclosed as a means of threat, that is both disturbing and wrong. But the dude sure seems to ask for it. And yes, writing for a web site called "Badass Digest" (intentionally ironic or just plain idiotic a naming choice as that may be) doesn't help your cause if you're going to position oneself as, supposedly, something of an internet badass.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2012 on Are you not entertained? at Some Came Running
I really enjoyed Cannavale's comedic work in both The Station Agent and Win Win. In fact, I'd rate The Station Agent as one of my favorite films of the last decade. I'm not sure what performances you're referring to, but if its in either of those two films then rest assured that I won't be sharing a drink with you anytime soon. Geez, loosen up a bit.
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Sep 3, 2011