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My husband's dad and grandfather, both doctors named Wilmot Foster, would visit this building weekly to minister to employees, my mother in law tells me.
"Fabric building." What an excellent term. The sort of building that creates the story of a place and adds to the overall sense of a well-lived community. I've admired that addition to the Culver building but never tried to articulate to myself why it is so pleasing. Thank you for an interesting post.
If it's freestanding, it seems it could be re-used; it's a great visual and tactile connection to an earlier era of zoos--the time when animal welfare in zoos was just starting to become more than simply feeding and housing an animal for the public to see. Doc Maberry, who was the zoo's first vet, wrote that the old zoo (where the Japanese Gardens are now) was so filthy and decrepit that it was held together only by the smell. Keepers had to climb over gates rusted shut to attend to animals. This mural represents a major turning point in how we view and care for animals.
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Oct 30, 2012