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I actually wrote about my own stance--as a writer and a reader--on this stuff (torture porn) a while back. Like you, I skip the scenes. You know when they're coming, so it's not that hard. On the other hand, I like the stories *around* the gore, so I keep reading the books, even if I won't read the scenes.
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I think Penguin was considering doing something like this about six months ago and I know I commented on it then... This seems backward to me. Here's how I buy books: If I already know I am going to want to buy and keep a book (because of the author, recommendation from a trusted source, etc), I buy the print copy. I like print better. It's not as practical or as inexpensive, but I *like* it. If I am iffy on a book, I download a sample from Amazon, or from the author's website, or from anywhere I can get my hands on it, and try it out. Then depending on how I feel about it, I will either buy it in print or ebook format. If I can't find an excerpt, or it's a debut author, or someone I've never read and don't know how I will feel about, I buy the ebook version. It's less expensive, so I don't feel horrid if I don't love the book. (Of course if I really hate it, I can't throw it against the wall, but I can live with that.) I also buy ebooks if I want to read a book that's only out in hardcover. I read fast. I frequently find myself without paperbacks available that I haven't already read and I don't like to re-read (with very few exceptions), so sometimes I will buy an e copy of a book that's out in hardcover that under normal circumstances I'd wait for in paperback. (And then there are the authors I'll buy in ebook AND hardcover just because HCs are hard to carry around and I collect the authors, but I am down to three authors in that category.) Anyway, all that is to say that, like Maria, I'd rather get a coupon for $$ off the print version if I buy the ebook. Because if I really like the ebook, I am going to want the print version, but if I like the print version I don't really need the ebook (except in those very rare cases where the HC is really for a collection and not for reading).
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