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Great post! I'm a fellow Millennial who shares your sentiments. I also prefer reading the print versions of magazines/newspapers/books, though online/digital has its place, too. I do disagree with the ink thing. Any ink that ends up on my hands somehow also ends up on my face. And that is not nearly as cool as staying in on a Friday night to read.
I certainly agree that this is something that Commissioner Kaman cannot ignore. However, I think changing the name of the city is unnecessary. The area has roots dating back to the mid-1700s, to me it seems like the better bet would be to get together the best branding minds to see how to move forward. When I hear "Sandusky, Ohio," I think of Cedar Point--it's Penn State that should be much more concerned with that name.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2011 on Sandusky, Ohio’s PR challenge at RepMan
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Mar 28, 2011