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Mickey McD, re: This petty TP drama does not concern me (or you)- it is nothing more than a bunch of egos run amok. FOCUS: WE need solutions (*which I've offered consistently), not drama. ### Here's the deal: THE ONES IN THIS "SCHOOLYARD THREAD" HAVE PRODUCED REAL *RESULTS* in their areas of CA...Mark has trophies with his name AND TITLE on them from GOP/RINO head honchos, alienated and threatened organizers, Stan has 2000 contacts, TPP has access to Michael Steele and the newly formed "Tea Party Caucus" (sham, GOP usurpation) in congress ...oh, and really cool tee shirts and yardsigns. Let's not forget that. You decide who is doing what to restore our Republic.
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Russ- The email that Mandy posted isn't enough proof of the control issues Meckler has? Or is Ginny one of "traitors" too? What-E-ver, we all know the truth. I don't know who you are, but blind loyalty to people and groups (or parties), rather than critical thinking, is exactly why we are where we are today in America. I see ZERO difference with people on the "right" who stand with self-promoters they are emotionally attached to, and Obamabots. Be they Palinbots, Mecklerbots, GOPbots, CRPbots, etc.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
PS- I have 39,000 emails in my inbox and all the replies to them (if I sent any)...not on purpose, I'm just kinda lazy that way. Want the whole can opened? Keep it up, TPP/Mark, and any name-callers that might pop up.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
@Russ- re: Steve, You are the great agent provoker, you do not give a damn about the success of the Tea Party. In the past you have disparaged the Tea Party idea and concept, now you all in favor of freeing them from the evil Meckler's. Why? What is your real purpose? Destruction of the Tea Party by inciting internal conflict? What is next? ### LMAO!!! Mark Meckler HIMSELF has CREATED this conflict. We are INSIDERS. We are PATRIOTS. Mark is a control-freak megalomaniac. Mark/TPP is BUILDING just another bureaucracy, isn't that what the Tea Party movement is SUPPOSED TO BE CONDEMNING, elitist, UNELECTED bureaucracies? Starfish talk, and Spider walk. ~~~~~ Hey, Sarah, what IS your last name? (I think I know.) Mandy should be able to know who her accusers are. We've put our fannies on the line for principle, now why don't you do the same? Otherwise you get the "Meh" award.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
Let's just get one thing straight here, it's MECKLER who chooses to air "dirty laundry" publicly. The rest of us are simply ANSWERING the topic at hand. As I said in my initial post (on the original article), HE has chosen to keep the Williams' story ALIVE, which taints the movement TOO, INSTEAD of placing the "racist issue" SQUARELY WHERE IT BELONGS: ON THE LEFT. "They" *OWN* the history and people like Meckler choose to settle personal vendettas rather than "never let a good crisis go to waste" and educate the public...MAKE THEM RESEARCH THE FACTS AND THINK! TPP/Meckler made a formal statement about Williams' blog...IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED THERE. Is it that he, like so many "conservatives" and America at large, don't KNOW the history? Or is he afraid to broach the subject? Or is he more concerned with positioning TPP over TPE? Or does he have an unhealthy need to "settle the score" with Mark Williams as a personal matter? These aren't just "growing pains"...those of you on the outside don't know the division that Meckler has CAUSED here in Cali. You don't know the underhanded tactics, or threats, or that ORGANIZERS (team players, the ones who spend their TIME working tables and walking neighborhoods...LIKE THE "LEADERS" DON'T DO) are having to spend their hard-earned money to PROTECT THEIR PROPERTY FROM TEA PARTY PATRIOTS by incorporating. THAT doesn't bother anyone?? It sure ticks ME off! I'm sick of it also. I'd prefer to concentrate on exposing the REAL "Cracker Party" (Democrat->Confederate->Democrat->Jim Crow/Poll Tax/KKK->segregationist->dogs & firehoses on Freedom Fighters->now Marxist; Equal Opportunity Oppressors Party) that intends to put us all back on the farm and institute Plantation Economics...but NOOOOO! We have to sit here and talk about which group has the most contacts, how great the Mecklers are, defend organizers who have given their ALL (and continue to,despite the "friendly fire") and discuss who are the rightful "owners" of the title "FOUNDER(S)" of the movement. PS- I don't see any criticism here about Meckler communicating with TPMuckraker (liberal blogger) when it serves his about applying the same rules to all? That's kind one of the things that the TP movement is about too. "Equal JUSTICE", right?
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
@Steve- To my knowledge, Mark Meckler/TPP has not attacked me. They can't. They have nothing on me because I am always HONEST AND VERY, VERY FORTHRIGHT (in case you couldn't tell). I also have nothing for them to take from me...the only darned thing I own is (a currently broken down) 1984 MB 190D. I don't solicit funds from my contacts. I/Tea Party IE is NOT a registered NFP. Why? I stand on the Constitution, and IMO, NFPs are illegal limits of our free speech, free association, etc...(ya know, "tea party issues") I also don't pull permits for my events...same reason. If we are going to fight for the Constitution, LET'S DO IT! I don't stand by GOProgressives (Whitman, Poizner, and Fiorina...Graham, McCain, and even Sarah Palin the turncoat who supports GOPregressives)or Marxist-Democrats (nearly ALL Dems)...but I am also not interested in becoming a Libertarian...why? I am post-partisan. The parties have outlived their usefulness...we don't NEED them, they are self-serving, not in our INTERESTS. They tell us NOTHING of any candidate running (cf: Meg Whitman, GOProgressive). I maintain that the only reason the LP is "clean" is because they have not attained any power. As soon as they do, they will have the same problems as the "big two"...why? HUMAN NATURE DOES NOT CHANGE. But I do tell everyone the TRUTH, which is that I am a registered Republican. Now, Mark Meckler is a DTS but cuddles up with the GOP machine...but not publicly, THAT would break FEC/IRS rules pertaining to NFP (501s). So much more important to follow the law than to be HONEST AND TRANSPARENT.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
PS- Mark's M.O. is to enlist the help of associated BLOGGERS. Larry is correct, Mark/TPP enlisted Andrew Ian Dodge to smear him...I countered that garbage too. Mr. Rebane- the movement is about ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY. So, I think for the sake of FULL DISCLOSURE AND DISCLAIMER you SHOULD tell us what you have given to Meckler, Sac Tea Party, Nevada County Tea Party Patriots, etc...let's just get it ALL out in the open. And Larry, what you said above is 100% correct, which is why I fought FOR YOU against Meckler/Wildman/CATPP on principle. Now, please, practice what YOU preach. (You know what I am talking about.)
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
Exactly, Russ...tell TPP via Mark Meckler to knock it off.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
I'm in So Cal, so I don't really keep abreast of the shenanigans in the Mecklers' home turf...however, the damage TPP has done to the movement in Cali IS INEXCUSABLE and DISGUSTING. What they "appear to be" and what they ARE are two different things. I don't like publicly denouncing them...wish they'd just keep their mouths shut. But since they don't, I am forced to respond PUBLICLY as well. They ALL know me, and my integrity is UNQUESTIONABLE. I have been consistent from the beginning. There's so much more to this story...and if they continue to wage this public be it, it will ALL come out. My advice, Mr. Meckler(s) and TPP...SHUT UP. And get to work for the sake of our state and nation.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
Stan- With all due respect, what you have is 2000 CONTACTS, and same goes with Tea Party Patriots. There is a difference. That matters to ME as a local organizer because THEY solicit funds from MY BACKYARD and (just like TPP said about TPE) DO NOT FUNNEL *ANY* OF THAT FUNDING TO THE LOCAL GROUPS...NONE. That is something that our "members" don't know. So, TPP has yardsigns and tee shirts that don't have any place for the local groups web address...just TPP. Why? CONTACTS TO SOLICIT. (I know it, Mark knows it, and you know it. And I know that you both know it.) IT HAS BECOME ALL ABOUT POWER, CONTROL, AND MONEY. Not to minimize the MOVEMENT, but Tea Party Patriots as an org hasn't accomplished CRAP...the local groups have, DESPITE the ongoings and distractions, personal vendettas and POSITIONING/BRANDING, and meetings with the GOP/RNC that Mark has attended to. So, speak to the ISSUES, Stan. Big deal that you/they have contact lists...who cares? Speak about Mark's relationship with McClintock. His poor judgment in the Gov campaign. His seemingly favorable attitude with Poizner, an establishment HACK, fulltime POLITICIAN. FTR- why is it important for Mark to claim "national founder"?? POSITIONING. I claim that title too, along with ALL THE OTHERS who built this movement. Mark, Jenny Beth, Amy Kremer, Michael Patrick Leahy, Eric Odom, and Stacy Mott, sure as hell DID NOT BUILD THIS ALONE. In fact, I came to the movement via Freedom Works. Prior to that, I was ALREADY printing my own little "articles" about the Constitution and EC101 bullet points in front of my local WalMart. Prior to THAT I had been doing voter registration, GOTV, working booths and tables several times a week, etc... Mark HIMSELF has caused much of this fracture. Mark is about MARK. It's become evident and more evident every day that passes. And I don't even have to tell anyone, they are coming to the conclusions themselves. First it was branding the name "Tea Party Patriots", now it's about the trademark, and suing/controlling groups/individuals who used the name that Mark encouraged, under FALSE PRETENSES, IMO. So, say what you want Stan. I am not about the iconography, or personalities...I could care less about that. What I care about is CONDUCT: INTEGRITY, PRINCIPLES. I fervently defended Mark and Patty when they were being wronged. Not because they were "my friends", but because they were being WRONGLY ACCUSED. Same with Mr. Larry Naritelli. Same with MANY Tea Party organizers across CA and USA. And NOW with Mandy Morello. Mark should have known that I would counter any MISREPRESENTATIONS that he makes public, just as passionately as I did when it was being leveled against him. I know Alinsky tactics when I see them, better yet, I know how to wield them too. "Freeze, personalize, polarize." Yeah, we get it. And we won't stand for it in our own camp for the gain of ANY ONE PERSON OR GROUP. for all the talk about "solidarity" and "team spirit" TPP/Mark Meckler sure aren't LEADING BY EXAMPLE. By HIS actions he has done more damage to the solidarity than I thought anyone could. Good going, Mark. This is an organic movement, it is not "owned" by anyone. Not Mark. Not Tea Party Patriots. Or Freedom Works, American Solutions, or any other national group. ~Laura Boatright NATIONAL CO-FOUNDER OF TEA PARTY MOVEMENT- ALONG WITH 10,000 OTHERS.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
First of all, as for "who's a racist" Mark Williams wrote a very distasteful SATIRE that he should have had someone else read BEFORE he posted it. Especially with sarcasm and satire, sometimes it does not read with the same "flavor" as we meant it to. (I am not a huge fan of Williams', but I try to be FAIR with all people, even those I disagree with.) However, Mark Meckler, IMO< has put his personal vendetta above the TRUTH of the movement, and an honest debate about race in America at large in order to POSITION Tea Party Patriots as THE spokespeople for the movement. MOST OF US REJECT THAT IDEA. He is AFRAID to talk about real racism, so easier to attack his rival. While he's busy "branding" Tea Party Patriots by keeping Mark Williams' story alive, I am addressing the TRUTH: I have been in this movement from the beginning too. I know Meckler and Morello very well. I know "the inside scoop" and try not to air dirty laundry, until I see MISTRUTHS...then I am forced to speak out. (I did the same thing in support of Meckler last year after Williams had made false accusations against Meckler and the entire CA Tea Party Patriot coalition.) In the situation with Mandy, MARK MECKLER IS SPINNING IT. Mandy wrote her disassociation letter FOR UNDERHANDED POLITICS, the many Tea Party organizers across CA were concerned with Mecklers TOO CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CRP, and (recently drafted to run for POTUS, Tom McClintock Who had been mysteriously "inserted" in Tea party events at the last minute by Meckler). If anyone is letting partisan politics taint the TPP, it's Meckler himself. Mandy Morello was supporting a grassroots candidate. Meckler, it appears, was covertly supporting an establishment candidate, Poizner. Mark Meckler and Dawn Wildman attended a conference call with Steve Poizner and Marc Harris (what is it with "Marks"??), an action they did NOT extend to ANY OTHER CANDIDATE in the race for Governor. Why would they do this? Meckler and Wildman are not stupid. I can only deduce that this was a deliberate action on their part. So much for non-partisan and non-candidate endorsing. He SAYS one thing, and DOES another. This seems to be how Meckler operates. So,consider THAT when you hear Meckler's version of the order of events and Mandy Morello's disassociation from TPP. MECKLER'S actions have tragically split the movement in our state. There are those of us on the INSIDE who know the score, and bloggers who don't. Everyone is free to examine the evidence and decide for themselves who is telling the truth, and what their motivations might be. Laura Boatright since March 4th, 2009 (CO-FOUNDER OF NATIONAL TEA PARTY MOVEMENT...WITH 10,OOO OTHERS, AND GROWING EVERY DAY)
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NO KIDDING about our mass transit NOT CONNECTING ANYWHERE!!! Excellent article! You nailed it! I'm not going ANYWHERE, either...stayin' right here and TAKING CALI BACK!!
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Allen West, who is currently running for congress in FL.
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