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Laura Deisley
Atlanta USA
Laura Deisley @deacs84, is Director of 21st Century Learning at The Lovett School. She thrives on the architecture of ideas, especially when it means connecting bright, passionate people to solve problems that matter.
Interests: Connecting, creating, reading, running, travel.
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Mar 15, 2010
Willy, thanks for your comment. I don't think you are being as much pessimistic as you are realistic. I share your views. We need a disruptive innovation on a grand scale in education. And, I especially agree with the quote from Christensen you shared: "Therefore, innovating managers must ensure that the [organization's] teams' structures are tailored to the nature of the task. And to do that, they often need to use the tool of separation." Structure is vital. And, I've discovered indeed that education (public or private) does not operate like a business; separation is relatively unheard of... Trying to "crack eggs" within an institution (what I call my job) is then a difficult one-especially when what you visualize could be better achieved by starting from scratch. However, as education itself and its institutions are not going to fundamentally change until/unless our relatively inadequate workface faces significant financial upheaval vis a vis our "peers" then we're going to have to keep chipping away at the block and doing the best we can. Not perfect in any sense, endlessly frustrating but, in the end, my mind is focused on how in "mid-stride" we can do our best to evolve what we have inherited...and for no other reason than our kids deserve more and we are all dependent on them succeeding.
Interestingly I am in an educational technology meeting, and Facebook has changed its Terms of Service (yet again) and has now removed the "in high school" requirement for use.
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Susan, I can relate very well to your love of learning about learning, though I have oft wondered how you kept up with so much! This love of learning about learning has been a passion of mine for the past several years, particularly as so much is changing and it has become so easy to be a self-directed learner myself. I can also relate to the husband who doesn't really get it yet! Mine is still trying to figure out where his wife who used to talk "all things corporate" with him and tend to little children has gone. (Well, the kids are now 18 and 15 so life is changing sweetheart!) Glad to know you love what you're doing and learning. Thanks for sharing the ride!
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