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Brent - I have a question about an assumption you made that I'd be curious to hear your opinion about. In your piece, you make the assumption that the percentage of owned dogs that were adopted (somewhere around 20-30%) will be the same as the percentage of owned pit bulls that were adopted. Given (1) attitudes towards pit bulls in general, (2) some of the demographics that own pit bulls, and (3) BSL and breed bans, do you think that those percentages are really similar? I think especially considering all the "backyard breeding" going on with this family of breeds, that the percentage of owned pit bulls (or pit-bull type dogs) that were adopted would be lower. Having sad that, I totally get that the original statistic you talk about is wrong. People like to say things and then repeat them as truth.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on "1 in 600 pit bulls" at KC DOG BLOG
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May 18, 2011