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Laura Goode
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Beautiful page! I am trying to go with the one little word theme. I am using Complete. That applies to so many things in my life right now. Have fun at CHA!
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2014 on Give-It-Away Thursday | JBS Mercantile at Gettin' By
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My son was a Waffle House cook when he was 4. People loved it and gave him extra candy :)
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I love your layouts! When I looked at the bottom of the names, I clicked first on Flat Rate Shipping to see what line they would come up with that name : )..I think I might need some rest. I love 25th and is very different from the other Christmas lines I have seen lately.
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Wow!! Welcome back Thursday giveaways.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2012 on Give-It-Away Thursday. at Gettin' By
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Love the giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2012 on Give-It-Away Thursday. at Gettin' By
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What an answer to prayer. Thankful that your family is together. Thankful for the sacrifice you all have made for our freedom. Thankful that I got to go on this journey with you all.
What a great giveaway! And thanks for the link to the fashion plate toy. I have been on a quest at yard sales (with my father) to find a vintage one for my creative 5 year old. This will be great for her!
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Hey Megan! I don't get to post or read often (the 3rd child for us would be the reason for that..) but I wanted you to know I understand exactly what you mean! The 3rd child has been the toughest transition for us too. I feel incredibly blessed to have 3 healthy children, but there are some days I long to just sit in a Starbucks by myself. You have beautiful, amazing are doing a great job! I heard a quote recently (you may have heard it), "with parenting the days are long and the years are short". I understand so much of what you are going through..and if I were up there I would bring you a cup of sweet tea. After I fix lunches, get the kids ready, find my purse, and and get everyone in the car. It might take a while : ). Have a Merry Christmas!
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on Ten Months at Lifesong
My favorite vintage item are my Grandmother's dolls. I have them out in my daughter's room. Love your blog!
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I've missed most Thursday giveaway chances. Glad I got in on this try!
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Thanks for the chance! Love this line.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2011 on Give-it-Away Thursday. (Ouch.) at Gettin' By
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Love the post! I cried this morning knowing that my daughter only has 1 more year of preschool. Great giveaway!
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2011 on Give-it-Away Thursday. at Gettin' By
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Hey Lisa, I rarely (if ever) have commented, but I love everything about your blog. I enjoy the scrapbooking, funny photos, and especially the sarcasm. Back in October, our dog Lincoln died and I went back to your posts. It was so helpful and you were so kind to respond after I emailed you. Thanks for the time you spend is something I always enjoy reading.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on A page...and a question. at Gettin' By
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Fantastic giveaways! Love the art too!
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I love the vintage Halloween buttons from Jenni Bowlin. The Christmas ones are adorable too. I love anything by October Afternoon.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2010 on Five on Friday. {CHA version} at Gettin' By
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