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Thanks Froborr!
And again: i miss the deadline due to head being in dissertation land. I only had two blog posts this week: The Perilous ha-ha and the Peril of the iamb - poets beware! I am particularly proud of the iamb one because it is really difficult to make a metrical foot in poetry perilous. Also, if you know me and my husband, the haha story is basically us. Finally, cos you guys are knowledgeable about stuff, does anyone know of any magical grimoires etc. that would have been in used in the early 1800s? I am basing my novel demons on the lessor key of solomon, i think, but its a bit anachronistic (although I do have a nice handwave) so other suggestions would be helpful. I need demonology above all. Thanks!
Dammit, I tried to make them proper links, lets try again: The peril of the Fabian Society: the Peril of the Gab:
I forgot to send my blog in again! Doh! Anyway, I only have two blog posts this week: The peril of the Fabian Society: the Peril of the Gab: I am in the last month of my dissertation for creative writing MA, so am panicing and writing /rewriting like mad! So I expect both blog and commenting here to be light. I do, however, have an idea for an above the line post, and come 9th September I will write it! it may even be accepted... Hope you guys are all alright. Ta Nehisi Coates talks about Batman and politics in his usual well written, incisive way...
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Thanks Lonespark. You are so right re. Ironman. And RDJ is more attractive too. My friend, who I was talking about this to yesterday, suggested that i read the films wrong. That they should be read more allegorically - Gotham City is City x1000, with all of the problems that come with a modern city. That crime is Crime, and corruption Corruption, and that Batman is a morality tale done in four colours. I think that the concept makes more sense in the world, but I think Nolan did not go far enough if this is what he was meaning to do. And one of the main problems is how Christian Bale acts, as well as the script. If Batman is Justice, the Greatest Detective of the comic, then he must be good at strategy, and detecting, and the movie Batman is just not bright enough. Sorry I cannot speak to the Bane for the people thing, as I haven’t seen this one! Possibly Nolan comes across as essentially small c conservative (the Batman who will save us is an oligarch, the people too stupid to create a functioning bureaucracy (and when the people organise anything, bureaucracy is the only form of organisation we have)) and so he cannot trust the people to revolt without it becoming the french revolution. Too easily manipulated by the supermen (Bane), afterall...
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thanks for the hi! hi back...
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2012 on OCCUPY WAYNE MANOR! at The Slacktiverse
Hi! *waves* To be honest, it took me a while to come up with one. They just seem so reasonable. Oh well, its the quiet ones you cannot trust, right? Be glad to see you there, and, additions to the dictionary always welcome.
I have decided to totally decloak. I will not do a predator and kill everyone on sight. I have met Kit in meatspace (waves) and since this community is one I have valued for nearly 8 years, even though I rarely think quickly enough to comment, I thought if I wanted it to survive this kerfuffle I had better start commenting. I may even write an above the line post, if I have anything to say after my novel writing, blog writing and other writerly things. I have never been part of something like this before, so Ding me if I get it wrong, and I will have to pull out if it interferes too much with my actual trying to be a writer while still earning enough money to support myself thing. Froborr said most of what I think about batman. I saw the first two, and although I have followed a lot of the critical summary, I have not actually seen the film. Having said that, I have thoughts. My main problem with the trilogy is the Batman is inherently a silly concept. I mean, love the guy - buff men in plastic suits punching things are awesome - and silly is not a bad thing. But ultimately the idea that the best way to fight crime is to dress up like a bat with a plastic fetish is ludicrous. So something like Batman 66 works well, and even you can do something interesting with the cartoon Batman, because cartoons seem to occupy a different space in our head. You do not feel viscerally the same horror at the violence because it is turned into a beautiful caricature. However, the trilogy paints a bleak picture of a realistic city in collapse. And posits the answer is a rich guy who dresses up like a bat. Tonally, it doesn’t work for me. And the relentless lack of fun Nolan seems to want to portray works against it for me as well. I mean, the Bat mobile is the coolest looking vehicle I have ever seen, yet Christian Bale has No Fun At All Because Fighting Crime Is Very Serious. The highlight was the Joker, who managed to bridge the gap between the ridiculous and the Grimdark by being chaos. Lovely work, and afterwards the films fell flat to me. I blame Watchmen. What I saw the comic doing was criticising the very basis of the superhero story. What too many people (Cough Miller cough) took away was that making everything gritty is GrownUp and Awesome. Also, Watchmen ended. Finally Bane is hot.
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Hello, I usually lurk, but an going to make an effort to comment more. My blog was on last week and I hope that some of you enjoyed your visit. This week, I continued with my Dictionary of Peril, short stories about the Peril of Dab: and the Peril of the Eadish There is also an examination of Embassytown by China Mieville, that I would love to have a conversation about with anyone inclined that way: The story of the peril induced by the Fabian Society will go up tomorrow.
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Jul 29, 2012