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The stuff in your purse is so "pretty!" LOL I have a cute wallet, but everything else is old receipts, old bill stubs (I don't even know WHY!!), a couple of pocket word search books (handy for those looooong softball games!)... looking at your stuff, I'm thinking I at least need a cute case to carry my purse trash in! LOL Love it, Carmen. How fun!
What a gorgeous pic! You have a warm smile that looks as if it would draw people in. The pic of you and Heather is so cool; you both look so happy! Karen sounds like a wonderful person :)
Hmmm, let's see... Breakfast was coffee with french vanilla creamer. Lunch was very yummy; had a buffalo chicken strip, baby carrots, a cheddar cheese stick, and ranch dressing. Book I'm reading right now is "Death Walked In" by Carolyn Hart (I'm a big mystery fan!). Plans are to finish my laundry, maybe mop the floor, and pester my 9 year old daughter to clean her room. I used to have a blog, but just kind of lost interest in it cause only 2 people read it. LOL And one of them was my mom! Have thought about starting another one, when I come up with a good title, and good topics, and good titles for those topics (I don't do titles well at all). Weather here is very cold and very dry, with a side of wind most days. I am not much of a movie watcher; my DH says I have "movie ADD" meaning I cannot sit and watch a movie for more than an hour. So now you know more about me than you ever wanted to~ :)
Wow woman! My busiest days are still not as busy as yours. Of course, I live in a very small city (or very large town, whichever) so there simply are not that many places I need to go, cause there aren't that many places here. I can, however, sympathize with the insomnia thing. It makes everything the next day 10 times harder than it has to be.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2011 on 24 Hours in a Day at Mom to the Screaming Masses
I loved it! I read all your posts, and it was fun to revisit some of them. Many of them touched me when they were written, several of them reassured me that I'm not as crazy as I'm sometimes sure I am, and all of them were just entertaining to read. Thank you for what must have been a labor-intense "blog year in review." I look forward to a good 2011 (my hubby got a GREAT job he's been wanting for a long time in Nov.), and your blog posts will be part of my internet routine. Lovin' it, Carmen!
Happy, happy birthday woman! Sounds like a totally awesome birthday weekend. Hmmm... my favorite post... sorry, but I don't have a specific favorite. How about if I just say you are my favorite blog? LOL Because so much of what you write just totally strikes a chord with me. You are brave enough, honest enough, to sometimes admit to feelings and thoughts that I share but I'm too chicken to say them. And things are always so well written, that the words and the emotions behind those words just flow. I wasn't sure, when I started reading your blog, that I'd have anything in common. You have 4 children more than I have, for starters. So I was happy to discover that, number of kids notwithstanding, we are Moms. And all the wonderful, crazy things that goes along with that!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2010 on Happy, Happy to ME at Mom to the Screaming Masses
My wonderful, awesome hubby makes the coffee in the morning. For some reason, apparently because the whole filter/coffee/water/button thing is too much work when I get up, if he doesn't make it I'll go without. I'll have a glass of OJ (which actually wakes me up almost as well as coffee) and call it good. Around noon, when my eyes are good and open, I might make a pot. LOL How pathetic is that??
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2010 on Coffee Woes at Mom to the Screaming Masses
I very often start to leave a comment, but then I begin to feel bashful. The little imp in my head likes to say "what you have to say isn't that important, and the blog writer will be wasting her time reading it." That is my vulnerability, and this is the first time I've ever publicly admitted it. I had a blog for awhile, but when I would leave a comment on someone's blog, and leave my URL there WITHOUT a plea in the comment to read my blog, I never had anybody express interest in it, so I gave up. Gave up too quickly, to be honest. I am not sure how this relates to your post, but let's just pretend, mmmkay?
Blessedly my migraines went away when I quit working in places with flourescent lights. Makes future employment daunting, but oh well. Now, though, I finally went to the Dr. for my 20+ day periods I've had for FOUR years. After all the bloodwork what turned up was severe anemia. I have an appt with a gyno to address the bleeding. But I do know feeling like your body just hates you!
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2010 on Defective at Mom to the Screaming Masses
If my husband is overtired (which happens alot; his job sometimes he works 30 hours STRAIGHT) he will sit up in bed, eyes wide open, and start talking to me. I hate to admit, given the "nonsense-ness" of his questions, that it always takes me a few beats to realize he's sound asleep. I will gently lay him back down, talking in a soothing voice like he's one of the kids... and he will remember nothing the next day. I have to wonder if this happens when he's in a hotel, and goofy as it sounds I feel bad that I'm not there to "help." LOL
Occasionally my 4 y/o son will come in at night if he has a bad dream. I will let him snuggle for a bit, then I take him back to his bed. My 8 y/o daughter has always preferred being in her bed with her pillows, Care Bears, etc. Lucky us!! And as far as being in there when myself or hubby isn't in there, well, that just doesn't fly. It's off limits for the most part.
About 10 years ago, when he was around 17, my younger brother started breaking out in unbeLIEVable hives. Everywhere, until his arms and legs looked like one big er, hive. Turns out, he was having a reaction to ICE CREAM. Seriously. It only lasted a few months, and best my mom could figure it was something about his changing body chemistry. I just told him he was weird. LOL But you just never know.
For Pete's sake, Carmen! Stop calling yourself a bad mom because you DARED to admit to a feeling that I'm sure many mothers in your situation have had from time to time. I can't imagine how you do what you do. You are a strong person, don't forget that. And PLEASE, quit beating yourself up! Hug yourself for me, and please, take care of yourself.
It is so illuminating to read how your daughter has progressed, and she could most certainly not have done what she has if she didn't have AWESOME support in her corner. As the mother of a 3 year old boy who is not developmentally challenged, just "stubborn" and "active" there are days I want to bang my head. Repeatedly. Into the nearest wall. So I cannot imagine how you made it through. How did you do it without just walking away from it all? I know, Mothers do what they have to do, and we do. But hats off to you! And to your adorable, Quirky girl as well.
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Apr 1, 2010