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Oh this looks so fun and good! I think we are getting more snow soon...I have to save this and try it! I think we would have so much fun making it!
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2017 on The best snow ice cream recipe at Rave & Review
Oh that looks so nice! I love that you can have the 3rd row so quickly and easily! Looks so nice and roomy on the inside!
Oh this sounds so good! Our little one is so excited to go and see it! He loves Batman and LEGO's!
Oh we love taking them for snacks while on the go! Our little one loves them in his lunches for school!
Oh this is such a fun idea!!! I do not have any, but will have to watch garage sales this summer or the thrift stores for ones that will work!
Sick got real for us last week when our little one was sent home from school with a temp. He slept all day...and ended up in Urgent care as his ear and throat started hurting really bad during the night. Ended up having an ear infection and Strep. UGH...poor little hard to see them not feeling well and hurting.
Oh my niece would love her! I might have to pick up for her upcoming birthday!
Oh I would love to enter and am over 18. Oh Kayla would love this! She does not have any accessories yet for her American Girl doll. These are all so cute! I really love the My Doll and Me- Matching personalized name bracelets! Such a great idea! landfjacobson @ charter . net
Oh wow, so many neat toys!!! I really love the Solar Organic Wooden Farm Kit! Our little one fell in love with wind turbines and windmills on a trip a few years ago. He gets so excited over solar energy and wind power. This would be so neat for him to be able to create his own.
Oh I love this idea! At one of my jobs, I had a standing desk and LOVED it so much! I really need to get one of these for the house!
Oh I think this would be a perfect learning tool for our little one! He is starting first grade this year, and has had so many questions about where places are. Would be so wonderful to show him on the globe. He always wonders about how the earth spins and we stay on! :) Great learning tool that I think all kids should have! landfjacobson @ charter .net
I have a really hard time with spaghetti sauce and popsicles!
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I followed you on Instagram landfjacobson
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Oh I would love to win for my niece. Her parents got divorced, and she is having such a hard time with it. This would be a great constant that she could take back and forth from house to house.
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Oh I have to say my favorite thing about winter is the snow! :) I love snow. Its so beautiful and peaceful! I would love to enter! Would be perfect for our little Kaylas American Girl doll! landfjacobson @ charter .net
Oh I would love to enter! It is so cute!! I really wish I could sew to make her some clothes! My favorite item from QTπ Doll Clothing is the Floral Skater Skirt- Black and Pink! landfjacobson @ charter. net
Oh he colors himself loud with his lightup neon drumsticks!
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2015 on 10+ tips for car trips with kids at Rave & Review
Oh he colors himself loud with his Neon lightup drumsticks!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2015 on 10+ tips for car trips with kids at Rave & Review
Oh I really love the baby food jar of green peas! Oh they are all so fun! landfjacobson @ charter . net
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Oh those are so adorable! What a fun idea!!!
Oh I really love all the different styles they have! Such a great quality!
Oh I would love to win! Such a beautiful dress. I also really love the Elsa the Snow Queen Disney Frozen PJs! Very cute clothes! Kayla would love them for her doll. landfjacobson @ charter . net
Oh this is so neat! I love how it can grow with your child so you can continue to use as they grow!
Oh I have to check in to this! My camera that was only two years old quit working about a month ago. I am so lost without one....but would love one that does a little more than the one I had! This looks like a GREAT option!