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Hear, hear! I went to a signing not too long ago and a friend and I were discussing that we often find ourselves buying books we may never read because we like the authors *as people.* The way I see it, even if you don't want the book for yourself, you can buy it to support the person and give it as a present to someone you think WILL like it who might otherwise never have heard of the author. Go out and create a fan.
I hate the very idea of FB. Not only the fact that they regularly invade their users' privacy, but the fact that creating an account there means a lot more effort--and revealing more details about yourself--than creating one on Twitter. I really wish authors would just have their own sites rather than FB sites. Even if the site is a group blog or something. It's a lot easier for me to control the things I see and the way I see them that way than FB. Since I refuse to get a FB acct, I can't subscribe to updates or anything.
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Jun 4, 2010