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I like that you used your own artwork and salt watercolor page in your cards. This makes it more personal. Mixing it up with the readily available things from the craft store makes it easier to make a lot of cards in a short amount of time. I need to start using my printer more in copying my art for projects like this, thanks for the great reminder!
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2015 on A Covey of Cards at Diana Trout's blog
Thanks for sharing this. I really don't follow trends, but I just had to go to Pinterest and find color palettes using this color. One color and so many interpretations. I was fascinated by this! It wouldn't be my go to color but I actually began to like it the more I searched it. I was also amazed at all the color combinations that people used with it. Obviously the cooking one with the wine, and I stayed away from fashion/clothing, but the colors in nature fascinated me. I had quite a time playing with this color in the morning with my coffee after reading your post. So thanks again!
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2015 on Color of the Year~Marsala at Diana Trout's blog
That is the most lovely and wonderfully inspiring window display I've seen in years! Love that snowman and that rabbit! So magical and evokes childhood dreams of a winter wonderland! Thank you for sharing this beauty!
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2013 on instagram weekend of snow at resurrection fern
This is something I have always wanted to try! Love your results!
I just found your blog. It is inspirational. I'm glad to find people out there who spend their time being positive and giving inspiration to others. I don't know how exactly I came upon Letting Go, but it was perfect for me today. I too had a similar experience online, but I don't even have a blog, I experienced something very similar on Flickr. I love the sharing of ideas and photos of art, creative endeavors and life. I too wondered what I did wrong and tried to make ammends. I wasn't able to. I too wasted a lot of time wondering and pondering negative assaults. Your post here helped me. Thank You!
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2011 on Letting Go at Comfortable Shoes Studio
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Jun 19, 2011