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I've been debating the same thing with my 2-year old. Fireworks have always been the highlight of my summer, but I haven't been since he's been born since the logistics just seemed too daunting. This year, I looked around at all the local events and most seemed to be either midday (ie. naptime) or late evening for fireworks. We settled on meeting friends for a festival with a carnival/vendors starting around 4pm and two different concerts in the early evening. We'll see how the little guy holds up. He is almost always in bed by 7:30, and I've found I can only push that by an hour or so before he melts into a tantrum puddle. I don't think I'll get fireworks in this year either, partly because of the bedtime issue, but mostly because he is TERRIFIED of loud noises. I'm looking forward to the festival though, which seems to be a good compromise between his needs/schedule and our desire to get out and have fun.