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Laura Moore
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Great article! I've flown quite a bit with our kids now as we lived overseas for three years. I flew 9ish hours multiple times with two under three years old. I may have looked like a fool with a car seat bag on my back, a baby in my front carrier, and another baby and car seat in the Phil & Ted's stroller (LOVE it!), but we always made it! I think #1 is your best tip. I find that as long as I can stay calm, the kids do a lot better. The key to staying calm is to build in lots of extra time. I also visualize each step of the trip so I know ahead of time that I'll have enough hands for everything. I never like checking car seats at the counter because I heard of how poorly they are handled. I often use plane side check as a compromise to trying to load/install/unload two car seats by myself. I do prefer to have the seats on the plane for kids' safety and comfort, but it's not always an option. I also pack all items I will need ON the plane in a backpack that will fit in front of one of the kids' seats - snacks, activities, a few diapers. Everything else (extra diapers, clothes, more snacks, etc) go in a carry-on up top. It's there if I need it, but much less hassle if I don't. One other product I wanted to mention is Tig Tagz. They are durable little ID bands with your phone number. The kids can't get them off, and they are weatherproof. We got them for Disney World first, but I always use them when we go busy places...just in case. Hopefully these other tips can help me when I start traveling with three kids now!
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Feb 22, 2013