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Very exciting to see the spirit of connection planning espoused in such important and visible places! As you know, it's the way all of us should be working. And of course, we can't expect to "out source" it-- we all need to be well versed in the media landscape.
This is so offensive, I echo the sentiment that it wouldn't fly in the US (or many other places). What strikes me is the women are not morbidly obese and the Some Like it Hot and American Beauty layouts actually make those women look quite stunning IMHO. And the most offensive aspect of the whole campaign, is how it pivots on men's preferences. As if a woman's sole purpose in maintaining a healty and attractive appearance is for MEN. They got it majorly wrong on that point.
This is a great snapshot of blogger motivations! But, it does leave me wondering if there are more marketers blogging than "real" people...