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Laura Winzeler
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I am in a setting that is on the beach. I see that the ocean is sweeping in huge amounts of quartz crystals. I can see that far down the shoreline is a large bed of purple quartz crystals that people can just go down and gather up. It seems... Continue reading
1) Tiny memory of walking next to Nick (co-worker, newspaper editor) and having him extend his arm to me, as an escort would. I say something like: "Do you want me to take your arm?" 2) I am at my mother's house (although it is a new setting I believe... Continue reading
(Age 25. After committing to rebirthing sessions.) I am inside a small house or cabin out in some foreign land. It could be desert-like. I like the interior because it is full of little interesting objects, like my apartment. I feel fascinated and at home. I seem to be sitting... Continue reading
**This appears to be the earlierst documented dream I saved in storage all these years. It came 8 months after my June of 1983 Basic Conference with Brugh Joy at the Institute of Mentalphysics, Joshua Tree, CA. I was 25 when I began my work with Brugh, compelled to seek... Continue reading
My earliest recallable, repeating dream: I am standing on a dirt patch of land in Palms Park, the park next to the home I occupied from age 3 to 13. I look up into the air to watch a plane that carried both of my parents evaporate and disintegrate into... Continue reading
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Feb 20, 2011