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Just look at what the Obama administration has asked from the Pentagon on Palin, Romney, etc. This is scary: It's all out there for everyone to see!
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2010 on Democrat Civil War at Atlas Shrugs
Oh no, this is really terrible. I wish for the safety of Rep. Cantor and his family, and that the perpetrator be brought before justice swiftly. Such a sad day for America. It just galls me that the Democratic leader, Steny Hoyer, had to make up pathetic lies about his party being threatened, when it was the other way around. I shake my head at all this. Everyone, have a wonderful Passover this year. Let it be the year we all pass from the slavery of debt and socialism, to true liberty and righteousness. Sending my love, from South Korea!
This just in from South Korea. Looks like the North Koreans did attack the South Korean vessel, according to survivors of the sunken ship:
Update from the Daily Telegraph UK: I think they are playing down the link with NK because they don't want a national panic.
One thing you should note is that President Lee Myung-bak is VERY pro-American, and has taken heat for it. He is the former CEO of Hyundai, and mayor of Seoul, the capitol city. He loves America very much, and wants to do many pro-American reforms in the country to open it to the world. He is on our side. I love him very much, and so do most South Korean conservatives. He is HATED (and I have seen the effigies) by the left here. North Korea is on the verge of collapse. What will the world do if it comes to and end now? Wall Street Journal weighs in:
This just in: I hope they find the 40 missing South Korean sailors. It is my wish they are not dead. If they are, get ready to rumble.
I am in South Korea right now and this does not look good at all. I have lived in this country for 5 years non-stop, and I can definitely tell you that things have gotten worse with regards to North Korea since Obama was elected. We only had one nuclear bomb tested (which then let the world know they had nuclear weapons) back in October of 2006. No missile testing, no real threats. Everything was so amazing when Bush was in office. Then, when it looked like Obama was going to win, the North started to get provocative. There have been dozens of missile tests and launches in the past 16 months. The firing of cannons between the South Korean navy and the North Korean one, back in November, happened 30 minutes out to sea from Daecheon Beach, which is part of Boryeong City, 90 minutes from the city I was in called Nonsan. I was only 2 hours away from the exchange of cannon fire. I remember having to tell my students at the all-boys middle school (American grades 8-10) what had happened and their duty to help the military families in the area. Nonsan is also near the KATC (Korean Army Traning Center) of Yeonmu Dae (a 10 minute drive by taxi). I am acquainted with a former captain and his family from there, who are now in Los Angeles as new American citizens. I just moved a month ago to Jinju, in Gyeongsangnam Province, about 2 hours from the port city of Busan. Yet in the face of this, I have no fear. It may take a skirmish in this country to get it together, as there are massive social problems in this country (4th highest rate of alcoholism in the world, an abortion rate 6-7 times that of the USA, divorce rate hovering around 70%, the highest suicide rate in the world, and the list goes on). I will keep you all posted as to anything going on here. Love you all so much, and thanks, Pamela, for shining a light in a dark world!
Oh my goodness I stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, at this most egregious outrage. As a survivor of sexual violence, what they said about you, and us conservative ladies is the worst kind of misogyny. I am not as the Fakemists, (I used to work for them in the past so I know), but a true sister in arms. This kind of trivialization and glorification of violence against women is unconscionable. They should be tarred and feathered. Their kind of publication leads to so much criminality in society. So disgusting! Things sure have hit a new low!!!