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Laura Williams
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Jul 9, 2011
I remember my dog dying and crying and crying. My mom let us all stay home from school that day because we were all so sad.
I remember my mom eating a hamburger with all the fixing except the burger and our whole family laughing and laughing about it.
I really want another one of your books: I remember my dad coming home on the weekends and taking me and my sisters to 7-11 for treats. He was a traveling salesmen and we sometimes only saw him on Saturday and Sunday. He tried to take time out for just us.
Another memory: I remember my friend Brooke in about 2nd grade being a very good artist and wishing I was good too.
Another memory: I remember going to Mexico and getting tossed in the waves and almost drowning. This is my first memory. I was about 4.
I love your books. I get them from the library, but I had to own the toddler art one so I bought it. I would love to own your new book Art with Anything. It would be good for my older kids. I have lots of memories. The first is my mom teaching school in the summertime and being her helper. I was only about 8, but she let me come in and help the little kids with their work and such. I think it sparked my love of teaching others.
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Jul 9, 2011