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Pluto is NOT a "former planet." In spite of the controversial decree of 4 percent of the IAU, dwarf planets are planets too, as they orbit the Sun and are large enough to be rounded by their own gravity, a state known as hydrostatic equilibrium. This distinguishes them from the majority of shapeless TNOs. Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2010 at Laurel2000's blog
So just how would science explain those of us, and I'm not the only one, who have absolutely no interest in marriage or even being in a long term relationship? I love my freedom to come and go whenever I want and answer to no one. I love the ability to take the classes and lessons and do the theater that other people's kids do without having to worry about being responsible for another human being. No way could I ever put anyone else first. While this may sound selfish, I volunteer at a food pantry and do a lot of community service. It's just that I never felt any desire for a significant other of either gender. I've met many people who feel the same way but are afraid to say so because they somehow feel they will be stigmatized and looked at as strange. It's not age either. I was born in 1965, and please, God, let me live and die single, free as a bird!
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Mar 13, 2010