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Kickstarted? So when does Facebook buy it for $2 billion, enrage the lowball donors, and claim it'll be great for virtual doctor visits?
And in the opposite corner, in the blue trunks (over its head), Gizmodo: -ls
Interesting reality-check (virtual reality-check?) on this over at Wired: Same hype, different decade? FB social + VR immersive = oil + water? Zuck's virtual attendance of sports events and movies example seems like he's just tacking on VR to legacy experiences. The "virtual doctor visit" is just Hollywood sci-fi silly: it's handled much more efficiently and effectively through simpler telemedicine traditional camera and screen conferences, which those who it would serve can actually afford or share through community resources like a library or school. (The VR headset part might be helpful for telesurgery or consultations, though) -ls/cm
"If we assume each Oculus Rift dev kit owner has given a hands-on demo of the device to an average of 35 people they know..." 35? How did you settle on that number? Let's have ourselves a survey: OPEN QUESTION: All those of you with Oculus Rift devkits... how many others have you shown these things to? -ls/cm
Want to know what the problem is? Forget all the talk about product diversity, development, portables, crazy headsets, etc. It's something simpler. And a lot of people have seen it recently. Linden Lab is heavily advertising Second Life with bimbos in bikinis, right? Count the number of bikini-clad bimbos there are among the starter avatars. And look at the starter areas... changed to beach-themes? Yes? No? That's your problem with the Lab, folks. Across the board, whatever product and whatever issue. *golf clap*
How much did Emily get for Vesu? How much was she paid when she was staff? Add that up, and that's probably more than a lot of authors, even published ones. Did she have an agent or lawyer look over the contract to sell Versu? Can she come up with other titles? Or is she a one-hit-wonder? -ls/cm
I think the Drax&Jo Show provides a good view of what OnLive was thinking and who they're targeting for this client. Looks cool, but so did the Mercedes SL600 I test drove the other day. Still won't buy one. I've heard "It's beta!" a lot. Okay, well, usually people compensate beta testers, not the other way around. Good luck to them for trying, maybe some good concepts from their viewer can be used to improve/simplify the SL UI. (Sadly, the extremely clever Quick Preferences pad with Windlight settings from Phoenix days still hasn't made it to official SL Viewer after how many years?) Just not sure if it will pay off for them, but they can always repurpose their colo render engines for other projects and shift support staff to other products/services. At least all the teasing and misplaced hype over a coming announcement led to a lot of people calling out for their pet projects and hopes and wishlist for fixes and changes to SL... that's a goldmine for Ebbe to determine what his customers *really* want and need. -ls/cm
This is a test. And another test. -ls/cm
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Feb 27, 2014