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Laurie Power
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Success! I got it to work by creating a new Playstation account on the console and signing into Netflix with that. Movietime!!!
I've had the same problem described above - never had issues with the outage until yesterday, just backed out when asked to sign in and it worked. Now I can choose a movie, only to have a dialog screen that tells me I need to sign in to Playstation Network, and when I try to change the password, I find the server is down. Frustrating. I can't access Netflix with my pc because Linux isn't supported yet (I say "yet" with much hope for the future...), so yeah, I'd like a credit - sure! I think maybe Sony should reimburse Netflix to be truly fair, but either way I'm paying for a service I can't use. It's not a very good customer service policy to say "sucks for you, too bad," and then lay blame on the other company (I work in retail - "make it right" is our mantra). I didn't break Playstation or Netflix - I just gave them money. It would be nice if both companies would so sweetly acknowledge that and fix it so I can find out if Battlestar Galactica ever found Earth!
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May 19, 2011