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We arent analysts, Mister Sterling... we are just fans like everyone else!
Phil approves of this comment. Well done, Freaky Deaky I went with the Ginger Pirlo because I like the nickname, but yea.. its not accurate. If you noticed I have a fascination with physical appearance and lack of ability to tan. Pirlo has infinitely better hair. Its like comparing Tom Brady to Gabby Obertan.
Wait.. thats not Beeker.. what is his name?
Well said B Gords. Bob, get out of here with this "job" stuff ;)
Thats a great point B Gords about the perception if we as a whole do not show up. I think with the benefit of social media though we would get our message out that its not acceptable for the club to behave like they are and us US fans show up in droves to Pizza Hut Park to support what has been a embarrassment for 2 seasons. Its tough either way. Im glad our blog brought forth the different opinion
I understand your point B Gords, but what I loved about the article is the opportunity to stay away. It raises the thought of sharing that burden instead of "welp, were off to Dallas". My personal opinion is a tournament without NUFC fans in attendance is more impactful than one where the fans show up for meet and greets than show red cards at the ownership. I dont think you can have it both ways. I think if you show up with your banners and your red cards, they already have your money. Club dont care you are protesting. Its very linear to our friends overseas.. you could show up to SJP with your protests or would staying away send a bigger message? And Im not concerned about the message it will send to the 7 u18 French kids they sign in the offseason.
Oh yea.. Vernon Anita's new nickname is Groupon. Because "remember when he use to be a thing?"
The team is crying out for some new blood too. A spark is definitely needed.
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Jan 13, 2014