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Can you please tell James Carlson to learn how to spell and arrange arguments in a more impressive way? I think that James has stuck his foot in his mouth by not presenting himself as a mentally sane person.
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1. Robert Salas and Robert Hastings spent $15,000 dollars to do the press conference, minus about $5,000 in donations from supporters. That is about $10,000 dollars of their own money they spent to hold this event. If this is what James Carlson considers making good money, he should consider taking basic high school accounting class. 2. The base commander told everyone not to talk about it. Doesn't anyone think this might have something to do with Eric Carlson's security oath he signed being the reason he is so desperate to deny the entire thing? Maybe Eric Carlson wants to follow Air Force policy to deny, deny, and if you get tired of denying you can have your son deny also. 3. James Carlson and Eric Carlson have an agenda to maintain and it only aims at Robert Salas. They don't aim at Jamison, not at Figel, not at Miewald, and they don't aim at Kaminsky, all whose statements back up Robert Salas. No matter how much evidence Hastings/Salas throw at the Carlson twins they will never ever ever ever ever change their mind. In final: the abundance of evidence and documentation including other testimony from other individuals that Hastings and Salas have presented have not been the target of the Carlsons accusations. The Carlsons are attacking the person and not the data.
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Oct 1, 2010