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Melissa Vossler
I'm a 27 year old wife and mother of 2. I'm happily married and love spending every moment with my husband and children. Life couldn't be better!
Interests: people watching, dancing, laughing, blogs, listening to music, napping, taking pictures, magazines, sleeping, my friends, roses, praying, jewelry, playing games, passion, socializing, writing letters, my family, children, sales, the beach, daydreaming, quotes, eating out, talking on the phone, home, etc), tanning, southern california, browsing the internet, being a girly girl, self-improvement, <b><u>i love</u></b> god, my husband trei, my wedding ring, bed in general, the idea of inspiring people, bathing my son, shopping for clothes (when i have money), getting my weekly people magazine in the mail, watching old family movies, christmas time, trying to understand god and his mysterious plan for my life, reading (books, coloring my hair, getting dressed up, watching hgtv and food tv, thinking about what i'll name my future children, imagining my life as a celebrity, people with amazing character, my burt bees chapstick, old couples, memories, holding hands, the sound of rain on pavement, my laptop, the smell of trei's cologne, photo editing, giving gifts, receiving gifts, getting pedicures, drawing (even though i suck), old houses with hardwood floors, my roxy flip flops, the color red, watching my wedding video, compliments (giving and receiving), saying thank you, saturdays, chocolate cake, my children lucas and olivia, and a million other things....guess you'll have to keep up with my posts to find out a little more about the things i love.