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No where is the ABC (always be closing) mentality stronger than in New York City. You came in knowing exactly what you wanted and knew the price to match. I guarantee the sales reps are taught to break you from that price point whenever possible. That price got you in the door-- now it's time to see if they can get you for the bike rack and the flood lights. But here's the real issue: for every guy like you, there are 5 more who happily get up sold. So while I agree with your position personally, as a business owner, my approach would be to let my sales guy piss off a few people in the process of reaching for a higher ticket conversion. The real secret is having managers who can do damage control after the fact. And I suspect by the fact that you tried to engage with Fiat after their follow up call, that you were prepared to forgive-- which further proves the point. Fiat's system could work perfectly if they could tighten up the post-sale. ABC.
Good read. I know there have been quite a few instances, especially in urban centers like NYC, where churches have certainly promoted "a substantial nonexempt purpose" by renting out prime real estate and venue for non-religious events. It's hard not to monetize a fifth avenue address. Great blog.
Okay, but serious question here. Why not give such a popular law blog as this an update? The "Go" button in the top right was a graphic from Apple II E. Love the blog, Just sayin'
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Oct 28, 2012