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Steve, Wish I could be there. I'm curious why you say 18(a) is the only express liability provision in the Exchange Act analogous to 10b-5. Why not 9(f) coupled with 9(a)(4)? The case law is extremely limited, but it doesn't seem to have a reliance requirement, as long as the plaintiff purchased at a price that was affected by the fraud--essentially a loss causation requirement. Steve Bradford
There's a science fiction or horror story in there somewhere: millions of little, wheeled Bainbridges rolling around across the world. :)
Yesterday, November 16th, both Delphi and Angie's List went public and demonstrated an interesting dichotomy bewteen old and new companies and high and low estimated share ranges. Angie's List, an on-line database for consumer reviews of services from doctors to plumbers, went public yesterday. The shares sold for $13/share, the high end of its estimated range from $11-13/share. The company sold 8.79 million shares and raised approximately $114 million. The Angie's List IPO is seen as a sign of returning strength to internet-based company IPO's and comes on the heels of Groupon's successful IPO earlier this month. Delphi, the automotive... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2011 at buslawblogger's blog
I think the phrase is effective and I prefer the citations in the text to the way Kindle handles them as well. Stefan Padfield
The Florida Supreme Court recently issued the Olmstead v. Federal Trade Commission case. The case's holding is that F.S. 608.433 (4) allows a court to order a debtor to surrender "all right, title, and interest" in the debtor's single-member LLC to satisfy an outstanding judgment, unlike many other states where the sole remedy is a charging order. Although the case was based on a single-member LLC, the Court's rationale could extend to multi-member LLCs as well. This case is probably the death knell for single-member LLCs in Florida until the Florida legislature fixes the sole remedy issue. Also, because this... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2010 at buslawblogger's blog
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