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Great article. I would like to offer perspective on a couple of underlying inferences in the outlined approach. 1) Every brand owns 'a' singular position -- this is more a desire of marketers than a marketplace reality. Brands maintain different relationships with different people. As such, positioning should be treated as more of a sliding scale than an absolute. Taking this approach yields a strategy that ladders the range of opinions inside and outside of the managing organization to a compelling destination. 2) A brand can be positioned by simply aligning marketing efforts with identified white space -- this is somewhat true. However, there exist challenges that extend beyond the development of a strategic plan. Influencing collaboration among working adults is not easy, but required in order to achieve the intentions of a plan. Marketers can influence more genuine support by assessing and developing strategies to influence enterpise-wide adoption of their positioning strategies. In summary, the process of positioning extends beyond a communication strategy. Positioning should help employees create windows of meaning customers will open, personalize and tell others they too should do the same. Cheers, Lawrence
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Feb 12, 2010