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I’m on another “final trip” to Việt Nam. Last year’s trip was supposed to be “The Final Trip”, but plans change. Cindy couldn’t come this time as she is at a family reunion in Ohio. Who knows - this may not be “The Final Trip” either - I did promise Trang I’d be in Việt Nam for her wedding whenever that happens. There is a certain full-circle feel to this trip. Back in 2003, Cindy and took a wonderful two-week vacation in Việt Nam. It was the only time we ever intentionally sought places where we’d been during the war. We had a tour guide on that trip - a well spoken man named Truc. You can read all about that trip in my travelogue. (And I hope you do read it. Click here.) Since that trip, most of my photography and writing has been about the present day country.... Continue »