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Thanks David! I have those 'blog' links for when I take Ms Runyon to court. I see they are the same blogs Ms Runyon hollered she had done when her DMCA notices wouldn't shut me up. Jeanette Runyon was forced to use other media including this site. David, you're most likely one of her buddies so you don't care and I get that. But Jeanette has lost over 25 Twitter accounts she has made due to harassment and abuse. I also see David you didn't mention the lawsuit against her sister in your comment and neither did she. And what about that mother she called? Ms Runyon gets a free ride? She will alright to a jail cell.
Actually that goon was a mother of one that you called to send veiled threats over the telephone. That woman had every right to go to the police and everyone can listen to the voice mail here: You keep mentioning me by name on numerous blogs hiding under the rules of Disqus so your harassment can't be taken down; a Disqus I will be taking you to court over. You're obsessed with homosexuals to a unnatural degree. The 2 years of stalking you have done to me doesn't show because your accounts keep being suspended. But that's a good thing, because all your old accounts, tweets, and direct messages are saved along with your Disqus comments. The reason why people think you are a human trafficker is this: You're not a victim. You commit the same harassment you complain is perpetuated onto you. What do you think people are going to do, let you insult, stalk their family members, post addresses of people who disagree with you, commit libel and think they won't take action back at you? You think because you hide under the facade of you being a Christian makes you impervious of your actions? For those who read this, Jeanette is currently being sued by her sister Ondrea Tye for Assault Libel and Defamation, which can be found here: Stop saying you're a victim. Your actions are quite criminal in nature. And I would highly suggest you stop writing about me on blogs. You're only digging yourself a bigger, deeper hole.
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May 22, 2015