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United States
Social Entrepreneur
Interests: martial arts, evening walks, public policy advocacy
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The reason for KCK was due to super coordinating between various groups and individuals, who in the end pre-registered more disenfranchised neighborhoods in a week than many nicer places accomplished in 4 weeks. A clear lack of leadership and apathy by those within these low-income neighborhoods will speak volume to the why not's?. Who are the Black leaders and where are/where they? The Black radio stations only promoted Google for paid advertisements so that radio station did not do a good job using their platform to allow stronger voices to come in and educate their listeners about the opportunity; and what was at stake for failure. Plenty hiphop played, jokes cut, and getting praise on,but no educating on this game-changer. Unfortunately, people tend to talk a lot and complain often, but it is apparent they also won't take action in the streets and do the heavy lifting. I do not blame Google at all.
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