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Oh and one more that came through Twitter yesterday :)
Woo hoo.. i think i finally figured it out.. there's some sort of limit which TypePad has but doesn't inform the user so it's just weird. Had to put the links into 8 different comments. Ugh. Hope that helps.
(sorry for the multiple comments.. seems like the only way TypePad would accept them)
IBM Microprocessors to power new Nintendo Wii U - IBM to contribute to - Why didn't you like any of those?
Papa Gino's uses IBM business analytics to improve bottom line - IBM reveals nanotechnology circuits for wireless devices - IBM Announces High Performance Computing Cloud to help clients tackle advanced scientific and technical computing workloads -
IBM creates massive data storage - IBM Supercomputer is most energy efficient in the world - IBM Named Worlwide Marketshare Leader in Social Software -
IBM digitizes Japan's only national library - Univ of Louisville partners with IBM to build new supercomputer - IBM creates new innovation lab dedicated to technology services -
Winn-Dixie uses IBM Smarter Commerce software to help speed innovation, improve customer service - IBM Unveils Chips that mimic human brain - City of Portland builds a smarter city using IBM software -
WellPoint announces it will "buy" Watson - IBM and 3M to create processors that are 100x faster - IBM Can Predict Floods 100x Faster than Real Time -
You say you've read all of IBM press releases and don't find anything to talk about in terms of IBM innovation. I went back through the press releases and found some cool stuff (and this only covers back to June): IBM and Univ of Antioquia Cooperate to Seek Drug for Leishmanisais Treatment via the World Community Grid -
I just tried now 5-6 times.. is moderation on? or is typepad just eating my comments?
Ugh.. I posted a comment with 14 cool announcements in the past 14 weeks but it looks like TypePad ate the comment :( Oh well.. there's certainly a bunch of cool stuff out there
Bill, thanks again for sharing your thoughts over here! Isn't it exciting all the cool things that we are doing internally ? I hope your readers agree. These are exciting times and I'm glad to be part of it :-D. I'm looking forward to your future posts in these series ;)
Bill, thanks for documenting your findings and I'm glad you were able to attend our event. It's encouraging to know that you think we are in the right track.
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Oct 13, 2010