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Lovely! This seems like one of those happy accidents where the realities of shooting a weekly television series (on a limited budget) served to render a very-good-but-sprawling script down to essentials, creating one of the very best episodes of one of the finest TV series ever aired. By putting the focus squarely on what the audience cares about -- the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy -- and then knocking that relationship out of alignment with the introduction of Edith Keeler, we have real stakes and real tension, instead of another planet-of-the-week story where we know all will be put right by the end of the hour. It is a shame that Spock's coda about bringing Kirk to Vulcan was cut from the show -- that's a nice bit. Very nice write-up, Karen! And since I'm a gentleman, I won't even mention the ALTERNATE alternate universe version of this tale, where Spock is in love with Kirk, and contrives to have Edith killed so he can have Jim all to himself! No, I won't mention that at all ...!
Tasty as always! I love DC's animation from that Bruce Timm/Paul Dini era. They were laps ahead of Marvel's efforts (and still are). They were able to cherry-pick the best DC had to offer and present tales that were iconic without being weighed down by decades of DC comics continuity. In many cases I'd prefer to watch those old episodes that read comics from the same era. I even loved Brave & The Bold, which fully embraced DC's Silver Age funkiness! I need all of these series on Netflix streaming, right now! And I need some baked goods for when I watch.
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Sep 24, 2014