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I'm a writer, photographer, mom, wife & dog trainer but not necessarily in that order.
Interests: reading, writing, photography, training my dogs
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Today is my 20th wedding anniversary to the most wonderful man on earth! I love YOU! Continue reading
Buongiorno, Parli Italiano? Sto imparando, perché voglio viaggiare in Italia. Good morning, do you speak Italian? I am learning because I want to visit Italy. Yes, it is simplistic but I’ve only been studying for four weeks. And I am... Continue reading
My To Do List is getting smaller. All the miscellaneous items I’ve let slide are being completed. I’ve got my fall garden planted and the spring bulbs are bought and will be put in the ground this week. I have... Continue reading
Do you dream all the time or only occasionally? I dream all the time! Sometimes too much and I run into problems getting to the non-dream stuff. I love a leisurely pace. I’m rarely in a hurry to get anywhere.... Continue reading
Making my dreams a reality hasn’t been a priority in my life lately and it’s showing in my attitude toward the people in my life and life in general. I took myself off the list back in 2009 when I... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
It feels like the snow days will never end. My hopes were dashed at 6:04 am. Schools are now closed. When I went to bed last night they had a two hour delay. I was happy. My kids have gone... Continue reading
The sun has returned and the DH and kids are out shoveling. Schools are already closing for the remainder of the week. Not my school district, well not yet anyway. I'm open for day care business, have been all week... Continue reading
We have SUN! Let the melting commence! Continue reading
As of 7:30am we have a couple of inches here in Fredericksburg. This is the end of my street. This is from my back yard. Continue reading
Yesterday was beautiful! The sun was shinning and the snow was melting. Then the weather man said 3-6 inches of snow with a rain/sleet mixture. Then he upgraded to 6-8, upgraded again to 8-10 then 10-20 and back down to... Continue reading
Im ready for spring now! Maybe after the next five to ten inches.
The rain/snow line was updated minutes ago. Fredericksburg is under the snow only band of 5-10 inches. Definitely no school tomorrow. Stay tuned...Will my kids get to school this week? Until next time, live well now. Continue reading
It's day two of digging out. Yesterday we had our cars and driveway shoveled and showing cement. Of course the inevitable happened...The snow plow. We live on the same street as an elementary school and our street is always one... Continue reading
The snow has stopped! YIPPEE!!! I hope Mother Nature feels we've had enough. We ended up with close to 18 inches. So far schools are opening on Monday, but I won't get my hopes up because the county I live... Continue reading
We've reached 17 inches! Unfortunately the kiddos photo was blurry so all I have to offer is a photo from an hour ago when it was at 15 inches. We're supposed to get another 5 inches. This will equal our... Continue reading
Well, I finally turned on the computer, tired of watching the local news repeat what a historic storm we're having. Well, DUH! It's not every winter you basically triple your average snowfall! Last night when I went to bed we... Continue reading
The snow finally started falling heavily over the last 90 minutes. We went from no accumulation to 3 inches. The yard stick now measures 6 inches. We started with three on the ground from a previous storm. The photo was... Continue reading
No measurable snow yet. We'll see what it's like around 3:30 pm. I'm really ticked right now that the school powers that be canceled school yesterday before a snowflake fell. Right now it's like flurries and the kids could be... Continue reading
The snow has started! It started shortly before 11 am. We're measuring to see if we really get the 18-24 inches. At 11 am we started with three inches on the ground from our last snow. We plan to check... Continue reading
Happy New Year! How time flies when you have too much to accomplish in life the years fly too. I turned 40 at the end of December and it seems like yesterday I was twenty and getting married. Yup, that... Continue reading
Well, I've had enough snow for the winter. I like the snow if it doesn't affect me. I guess I would never survive in places like Vermont or Minnesota. The cold air has wreaked havoc on my asthma. The DH... Continue reading
The snow arrived last night at 6 pm and by 8 pm we had close to two inches on the ground. The streets were already getting slushy. As is the case in most cities the idiots were out driving too... Continue reading
It's coming...the first gigantic snowstorm in seven years. We've had little snow in Northern and Central Virginia over the last few years. Starting later this afternoon we will begin to see the first flakes which are supposed to accumulate to... Continue reading
I made my NaNo goal! Actually I made it last week on the 18th of November. As of today I am just shy of 60K. I think it’ll take another 15 to 18K to finish the story and I’m hoping... Continue reading