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Some leaders are more trusting by nature than others. They create a culture of trust around them. Other leaders expect to be taken advantage of by others and create a culture of suspicion and mistrust. Do teachers assume students will cheat or trust them to submit their own work? Does your HR office assume you will call in sick to play golf or trust you to do the job you were hired to do? Are you comfortable watching your employees leave for the day or do you wish you could search their briefcases and purses for office supplies they may have lifted? I prefer to live and work in a trustful environment and will continue to work to develop trust as standard operating procedures where I can.
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Is "listening" a tool? I think so. It's the other part of "questioning." But sometimes the listening comes first in order to know what questions to ask. Emotional Intelligence is a tool I rely on in leadership. Self Awareness, Self-management,Empathy, Motivation, and Social Skills all support my desire to share my vision for the business or organization and influence others to join me in the journey toward that goal.
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I think I needed the support of a "real person" who used blogs and tweets to get me started. It appeared from outside to be annoying and "one more thing to do." Now that I have joined Twitter and added a blog to my website, it is becoming clearer to me what I want to invest in and how much is "enough." Here's my insight: just as I was required to use a laptop and therefore overcame my aversion to computers, so now I am discovering how rich the world of Social Media can be - not whipped cream on cheesecake rich, but Smoothie rich - helping me move ahead in goals of learning from and sharing with other.
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Jun 6, 2010