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Amaro knows his baseball. He's right on all counts. And look at how he views the fans as opposed to J-Roll. Who else is ready to jump on the "screw you Jimmy Rollins" band wagon? I'm close, really frigging close.
Does that shirt off to the right in some way address "inbreds" ?
Umm, You forgot to mention that he's also a Dallas Cowboy fan..... This stuff is IMPORTANT!!!!
I just tore "Rolen" off an old Jersey. Soon to be replaced by "Squirrel".
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Morning Wood: 9 Mas at Crossing Broad
Kyle, I don't say it much as I'm a lurker of yours, but once again. Very good blogging.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Morning Wood: 9 Mas at Crossing Broad
OMG, I bet ZWR is sooooo fucking happy he said that. Gotta go check....
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Victorino on Squirrel at Crossing Broad
I saw that kid last night. Poor little Braves fan, what is he? 8? He should be used to this shit by now.
Vick shouldn't have even played in the game then he gets hurt. SMH
Ahhh, the service... Just this season an employee yelled at my son because while in line he bumped an extension chord which turned off her cash register. First of all don't yell at your customer or his children. Second of all, the one thing sticking out into the walk way for people to bump was the plug for the register. How stupid is that. Thirdly, for how much I paid for food these people should be delivering it to my seat for no god damned tip, and here I am waiting in line to have my son berated for bumping into what I think is a safety hazard. What if he put his fingers on it and got shocked? Aramark could definately do better hiring employees. What I see are a bunch of people that seem to hate me for god knows what reason. For the rest of the season I'm packing my own food. Eff them.
It's too close to call for the Cy Young most are saying. Wait, what's that you say??? Cy Young was a very good batter (for a pitcher) you say? Well then it's clear i guess. in 2011 Cliff Lee = Cy Young
We should all reserve judgement for until midseason at least. Not only are these guys going to need time to prove themselves, but they will also need the time to jell...... I don't see a cup in the immediate future for the Flyers. Had they kept one of the frat boys I'd say they still had a shot. But now i'm pretty sure it won't happen this up coming season. I hope I'm wrong.
I HATE flying. I'm like BA Baracus. Except I'm White, with no mohawk, no beard, no gold, and speak properly. Although... I have been known to say "I pity da fool!".
Chase is a gamer. No way he's out for anything unless he has to be. Get your head straight.
Electrified wire along the wall like a cattle fence so the next dumbass who decides to interfere by entering the field of play, get's a lesson (BBBBZZZZTT!). And like cattle they won't do it anymore..
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2011 on MLB Denies Phillies Protest at Crossing Broad
Kate = gold digger. Mark = genius!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2011 on And The Ribbing Begins... at Crossing Broad
She is so g-damn beautiful that it's tough to blame the guy, but that still doesn't stop it from being kinda frigging creepy. Seriously, I would never pull any sh-- like that. Like Kyle said, try some tweeting and see where it goes. If that doesn't work? Dude, you're a ball player, you'll get by with non famous 9-10's so shut the f*&k up about it and move on.
FVCK those douche bags!! Keep your hands on your side of the fence. That's it. How many time do we need to go through this before the dumbasses get it?
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2011 on Video: Interfering Fans Speak at Crossing Broad
Evaporationboy, I missed that one. Thanks for pointing that out you overgrown douchenozzle.
I saw Bryz wearing the the tiger helmet. Yes, I did. I told you he wouldn't go for having our constitution plastered to his head. We'll see if he switches both out. We'll see.
Harry, you're a bone head. The Phillies have 3 of the top 4 pitchers in all of baseball. Signing #2 was surely one of the greatest moments because there's a good chance that move brings a WS championship. Think man!!!
See Kyle, Lee just looked into the future (because gods can do that) and he saw that when he tried to run that play out He got the second baseman to hurry up the throw, sailing it into the stands hitting a baby infant in the noggin causing her to sustain brain damage, which in turn, turns her father into a raging drunk (for bringing his baby infant to a game)who in turn beats his wife (cause he's a total a-hole drunk)in front of his mentally depleted daughter (all his fault). So Lee knowing this(again, he's a god)decided that he would choose some public ridicule for the greater good (my hero). And that little girl as I understand it, will one day be the president of this great country. HE'S A NATIONAL HERO FOR NOT RUNNING THAT OUT! Get it?
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2011 on Morning Wood: Pulled Early at Crossing Broad
You have a lot of people in denial commenting Kyle. Howard is most certainly showing "decline" Look at his OPS since he's come up to the bigs. It's leaning in the "declining" position. Maybe people don't understand this, but he's human, he's getting older, accept it. Is he still a really good player? Absolutely. Utley is showing it, yes, the God known as Chase, whom I have a man crush on. Polanco? mmmhmmm. Jimmy? yups (although he's in a contract year and "shocker" we see an uptick in performance this season). Do I totally agree with the author? NO. He ignores the young talent on the team, he ignores a pretty decent farm system and Ruben Amaro, who's pretty much been the best GM in recent history. Look, before you trash me, I'm only saying certain players are showing decline, and a whole slew of Philly fans are in denial, but I don't think they're on the road to ruin either.They have potential to pretty much own the NL for a long time to come.
"It started out being more of a joke around the locker room. Something that we could do as a team, or joke around as a team, is to have something to joke around about." Well, when the Captain of the team treats it like a joke...... See you asshole, that's exactly why your ass got shipped off. What an entitled punk you've turned out to be Richards. All that talent in an immature punk who couldn't lead a horse to water, let alone an entire team.