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Marking Service
Leesburg, VA 20176
About Line Locators Inc. At Line Locators Inc., we collect information that is verified and that in turn means you can make cost-effective, timely and informed decisions. It is our job to verify where underground utilities are, so, in essence, we provide you with an underground utility locator, whereby we use a proven and systematic process every time – a process that relies on the latest technology. Our Specialty at Line Locators Inc. Line Locators Inc. specialize in non-invasive and non-destructive detection of all sorts of physical obstacles that are located underground, inclusive of post-tension cables, rebar, power lines and underground utilities. In fact, we can help you to locate metals, plastics, any type of cable and transit piping. We can locate all forms of utilities, inclusive of gas utilities, phone utilities, water utilities, cables, sewers and fiber optics. Among our customers we have residential property owners, we have commercial property owners, we have municipalities, we have insurance companies and we have contractors. If you need us on an emergency basis, we are available, plus, we can assist globally when a natural disaster has struck such as a landslide a flood and other types of natural disaster. We are committed to making an accurate locate each and every time. We have the most advanced and latest procedures and technologies in place so we can provide you with the optimum service. Throughout the time that our highly skilled and experienced team are working, we communicate with every party that is involved so that there is no misunderstanding or confusion. Locating of GPR Utilities In real-time, we can rapidly locate non-metallic and metallic utilities that lie underground using our very accurate and highly sophisticated Ground Penetrating Radar equipment. Detecting Leaks With the help of our services, you can rapidly and accurately pinpoint the area of leaks in water lines, plumbing lines and in sewer lines, regardless if you have a slab leak, your leak is underground or the leak is at the rear of a wall. Concrete Radar Scan We are able to quickly locate conduits, find rebar and identify the location of post-tension cables using our Ground Penetrating Radar technology. Inspection of Pipeline using Video With our state-of-the-art fiber optic camera, we can inspect the interior of countless feet of piping. We can then provide you with a visual documentation of the entire system. Locating Electrical Faults We use our Utility Locator to find any type of broken wiring. Through a dedicated signal given out by our Utility Locator, together with our A-Frame antenna, we can find out the precise location of any fault in addition to information about the depth that the fault is at. Smoke Testing It can be very difficult to locate and then to diagnose a cracked pipe. However, at Line Locators Inc., we offer smoke testing for this exact purpose. Smoke testing can be used to find the location of a cracked pipe and also to make a diagnosis of the problem. It’s a process that is fast, it’s efficient and it is also accurate.
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