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LOL! I was going to look up some for you on, but I see you're in Australia! Here's some for you!
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And what about these sweet babies! Save a life, and have a priceless puppy!
May 28, 2010
You have so many pet store dogs. I really hope you'll consider adopting a few. Check out You can see pet profiles from all over the country there and search specifically for the pet you want! I like big dogs, but there are lots of little ones for adoption too. Take a look at these cuties near you: I could keep going on and on, but it's almost 2am and I've got to go to bed. Rescues are the best pets you can get and to top if off, you're saving a life! There are so many pets who aren't rescued. We all can make a difference!
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May 26, 2010
Hi Fairy - I'm sorry. I thought I'd responded to this, but I see that I haven't. I do see your point of view, and while I can't completely agree with it, i will agree that responsible breeders who make informed, intelligent, humane choices and don't mass produce are certainly not the main cause - or even one of the main causes - of the pet over population crisis. If they all stopped breeding, they could put a noticeable dent in the crisis, but puppy mills and back yard breeders do far more harm. The heart of the matter is that an end could be in sight for the destruction of adoptable animals due to space and time. If 3 million pets are adopted in the next year - that'll do it. That's a broad number and it will depend on where all of the adoptions are of course, but if we could somehow up the adoption from shelters number in America by 3 million in the next year, the only pets that will be destroyed in shelters are those who are too aggressive, feral or sick to be saved. Right now about 55% of households own pets - upping that by 3 million would just be 2%. 57% of households need to have pets instead of 55%. Think about how much that number could be lessened in every responsible breeder decided to go to shelters and pull 4 to 5 dogs and adopt them out. Like if the breeder you helped went to area shelters and found 4 abandoned German Shepherds and brought them home and adopted them out to their clients who they know want shepherds. Maybe that's a way breeders and shelters can work with each other instead of against each other. Thanks again for the discussion. I'm glad you shared your views. I probably won't be around much in the future, so please don't feel like I'm ignoring you if you post and don't hear back from me. Hope you're having a good week!
I'm glad they are so adamant about not buying from puppy mills, but the whole site, especially the video, really broke my heart. I really hope he's not lying about the puppy mills. Puppies are not products. This guy sounds like he's trying to sale you a car - which makes me trust him about as much as I would a car dealer. Puppies are not objects or cars, they are living, breathing, think and feeling beings that depend on people to thrive. They are our friends, not our belongings. I can't really express how disappointed I am. I think I'm going to head away from this site now. Somethings and some people can't be changed and it really hurts a lot to try when you know you will only fail. Ms. Hilton, I do strongly and passionately disagree with your decision to buy these precious creatures from stores. I see far too much death that is only necessary because too many people don't care to save lives. I also applaud your fur-free clothing line that was recognized my HSUS. I don't know you, but I'd like to believe you have a good heart. Maybe if you spent time in a county animal shelter, or worked there like I do, you'd see the smoke stack with it's dark, black clouds pouring out everyday as the remains of once precious lives burn and maybe you'd understand. Maybe you'd want to save as many of those lives as you could and maybe you wouldn't want so many more of those pets being added to an already overwhelming crisis. If you'd like to know more about where I am coming from and what I believe, I had a very enlightening conversation with FairyPrincessMe, which is the only other conversation I've had here so it should be easy to find. If you do get a chance to read, thank you for your time. I really hope it'll mean something to you.
About 25% of the pets that come into shelters are purebred. People who buy pets rather than adopting are subject to losing their homes, moving to an apartment that doesn't allow dogs, being evicted, getting pregnant and not wanting a dog around the baby and all the other excuses people give for abandoning their pets just like anyone else. If you're dead set against having a mixed breed (a mistake in my opinion), you can find a rescue group for any breed you could ever want. And coming from a rescue group you will know for certain that they've had all of their shots, have been well cared for, socialized properly, are altered and have undergone a behavior evaluation so you'll know exactly who you're getting. Try googling German Shepard Rescue and see all the amazing dogs you can find. I'm not saying you shouldn't love your bought dog. While I don't agree with supporting breeders, at least until the pet overpopulation crisis is more under control, if you've already bought, then of course that dog is your responsibility for the rest of his or her life. A dog can't control whether they came from a breeder or not and regardless, s/he deserved good care and love. Having said all of that - if someone MUST support breeders (I personally believe that is an elitist attitude, but I accept that everyone isn't going to agree with me) the person should at least be enough of an animal lover and kind person to buy from a responsible breeder. Pet stores are never responsible breeders and they don't buy from responsible breeders no matter what they tell you. Pet stores who sell puppies and kittens will lie to you without batting a eye. In order to be sure the breeder you're going to buy from is responsible, make sure you can go to the place where the puppy was raised before you buy. When purchasing from a responsible breeder you should be able to meet at least the mom and maybe even the dad and the breeder should be able to give you a history of the parents. If you're buying from a pet store or if the seller doesn't allow you to go to where the puppies were born or meet the mom, the seller is most likely not a responsible breeder and could very well be a puppy mill owner. Adoption is always the best option. The behavior evaluation and pristine veterinary care and testing are more reliable in knowing the pets health and trying to figure out what a puppy will grow up to be like than just knowing the parents. Rescue groups are really great organizations if your really want a purebred pet. Shelters often offer behavior evaluations and testing for mixed breeds as well. The shelter I work at does and I think it's very important. When you adopt from a shelter you are saving a life and getting an amazing pet for whom you have a great indication of what their temperament will be. However, with shelter puppies, for many you can't be certain how big they will grow up to be, so either be okay with what ever size the dog will be or adopt a pup who is at least a year old. I do agree that education is the most important thing and the only thing that will ever end pet over population. Spay/Neuter and adoption are the most important educational messages to get out to people. You don't think breeders should spay/neuter and you think it's fine to buy rather than adopt, so I'm not sure what educational messages you believe will help end the pet overpopulation crisis. Is it your opinion that everyone except breeders should spay/neuter, but people who will will make a profit by not altering their dogs and selling their puppies shouldn't spay/neuter? That just seems like a little bit of a double standard to me, but again, I accept that everyone doesn't have to agree with me. Eventually people who are doing everything we can to save lives will win this battle. Maybe not in my lifetime, but eventually the goodness in humanity will have to win. I'm sure we'll have to make concessions and it will take a lot longer than it should, but it will happen. I do appreciate your responses and feedback and it has helped me to see the other side of the coin, and has helped me figure out what educational messages we really need to be getting out into our communities and what people we really need to be trying to reach.
Fairy, It seems as though you didn't read my post - at least not completely. In it, I answer your question as to why I do not approve of breeding. If you did read my entire post and you still feel this way, I can only assume that you do not care about the millions of sweet, lovable, adoptable puppies, kittens, dogs and cats that are killed every year for no other reason than that there aren't enough homes for them. If that is the case, I'm not sure how continuing this conversation could be beneficial for either of us, or for anyone reading. As for Ms. Hilton's response to supporting puppy mills; I appreciate your response and your thoughts as to how she would feel. I would like to hear this sentiment directly from her though. Since this is an issue that has been going on for some time, I wonder is she's been asked in an interview before and there is an article somewhere from which her response can be quoted? If you have this information, that would be great! Otherwise, I will hope she responds in some way to my letter. Thank you.
Thank you for the contact information, Scott.
I work at an animal shelter and we are forced to put down more than 5,000 pets a year. I have very strong feelings against breeding, breeders and those who support breeders. There is a pet overpopulation crisis in America that results in 3 to 4 million adoptable pets being put down every year. Not because we don't love them and not because we don't want to save them. There just simply aren't enough homes and not enough good-hearted people willing to take them in. There is no other industry in the world that forces us to kill what we love. The pet overpopulation crisis is a fixable problem. Spay/Neuter and don't support breeders. That'll fix it. Just not enough people care enough to help. However, you are right. This is not a problem you can pin on one person - even if that person is well-loved and has the influence to make an astounding difference. This post was directed specifically at Paris Hilton, because I was hoping to get a response from her about Petland's use of puppy mills. Whether she knew, whether she intends to support Petland anyway, or if she will be taking a stand against Petland and puppy mills. I hope for the latter, but I can't know what her feelings will be on the matter.
I don't know every single person who has bought pets from Petland. The only reason I know Ms. Hilton has is because I saw the reality show, British Best Friend. This is fresh on my mind because Animal Plant showed a documentary about Petland the other night. I hope this explains why I have these questions specifically for Paris.
I was watching BBF on tvguide and she took one of the contestants to a pet store and told the contestant that is where she buys her puppies. The store was Petland and Petland sells puppy mill puppies. Are you saying I'm wrong about what pet store they were in? If Ms. Hilton is willing to be a guardian for rescued kittens, why doesn't she rescue puppies instead of buying them? It's awesome that she has provided a home for a helpless shelter pet, I just don't understand how anyone who has ever walked though a shelter could ever buy pets from a store again. When you say, "She does not, nor has she ever given her support to puppy mills or any pet shop that uses them," I would love to know your source for this information. I appreciate the feedback and look forward to hearing back from you.
Re-posting due to accidental deletion: I'm not going to write out the whole thing again, but I would like to read Paris Hilton's response to the store she buys her pets from, Petland, getting their pets from puppy mills or... Continue reading
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May 18, 2010
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May 18, 2010