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I'm not able to give specific legal advice without a complete review of the situation, but in general a person is not responsible for bills that were solely in the deceased person's name. You should let her creditors know that she has passed away, and if there are no assets being distributed and not probate being opened, you should let them know that as well. If you need additional assistance, please give me a call.
yeah, survey monkey is your friend. Name:none of your business Location: east of you Age: 37 Sex: F How Long You've Been Reading Amateur Gourmet: 6mos How You Found The Site: I forget but it had to do with broccoli Favorite Post of All Time: it involved cake Favorite Recipe You Found on the Site: roasted shrimp and broccoli What topic haven't I covered that you'd like me to cover? the rights of unmarried fathers What restaurant/dining establishment haven't I visited that you'd like me to visit? Hi Rise Bakery, Cambridge MA If we had children together, what would we name them? Willow and Samuel. What are you having for lunch today? Falafel Anything else you'd like to say? I stopped @ing you on twitter because you never respond.
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