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Leann Sweeney
Interests: Besides writing, I love to quilt, cross stitch, knit, paint (not so good at that) and collect animals. I love sports--watching, not participating--especially baseball. Go Astros. And I love to learn.
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I have always wondered--and laughed--about those bathtubs. I take no responsibility for Texas. I worked in the public school system for 20 years and you would not believe everything that NEEDS permission. Like girls learning about their bodies. We used to send a note home saying this is when the videl will be shown. You're welcome to come. But then, low and behold, it became a "you must send permission in writing" to see this bordering on porn little film about changing bodies and what's in store--and of course what's in store is happening whether the parents opted in for their child to see the film or not! Oh, athletes ruling the world. That's great. At least our legislator's could get in fist fights in congress like they do in Britain. That would be cool. My daughter got her Masters from Smith. She liked it there, beautiful town. But of course she wasn't there for 4 years. Fun blog, Jeff.
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Sorry to hear this. Mystery News will be sorely missed but I understand the "regret and relief" phrase. Good luck to Lynn and Chris in their future endeavors. Leann Sweeney
My dad told me that joke when I was about ten. And it's still funny x, okay xx, years later. I don't tell many jokes anymore but as a kid, if I could tell a joke that made my dad laugh, then I felt like I'd accomplished something big. Thanks for reminding me of that.
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I'm short. And now I'm depressed. Gee, thanks Jeff.
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Being a western NY native, I remember all too well all that you have described. We moved to Texas with oppressive heat and hurricanes. I still don't regret leaving the snow behind even though at this time of year I WANT snow. Just a little. On Christmas. Then it can go away.