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Dec 29, 2010
There is so much in the tour. That is obviously a blessing but also might be the critical feedback I have to offer. I remember hearing about Cesar and Coffey and Prince and a white lady who hooked up with one of those dudes. I remember hearing about John Houston who employed/(so-called) owned one of these stolen African settlers (I forget if it was Cesar, Coffey or Prince.) I remember hearing that some Africans had more freedom in some ways than whites because their duties (mainly collecting/delivering water) brought them to all parts of the city and to ponds that were shared with Lenape outside of the city walls. This last detail is about a map of the city rather than a narrative. I feel like the tour pursues both map and narrative and might be tighter if it chose one or the other. I think the thesis is that Africans in early New Amsterdam had more freedom in that we might have imagined. Two questions for Kamau or for the American people 1) If the thesis is what I stated above, what does the tour ask of the participant? 2) If the thesis is what I stated above, does the tour work better if Kamau constructs a narrative of the life of some Africans in early New Amsterdam or if he constructs a map of some early Africans life in early New Amsterdam?
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Dec 29, 2010